Friday, April 27, 2007

The dark and light sides of my Fridays.

Fridays are my nemesis. I rose reluctantly in the morning, but all change by 3.10pm. Now I wonder why?????!
  1. Mum to dentist early
  2. Buy milk for staffroom.
  3. Year 8s. I will say nothing.
  4. Fix aging machines.
  5. Break: lecture on scissor safety delivered by enraged me.
  6. Fix aging machines.
  7. Year 9s. I will say less than nothing.
  8. Fix aging machines.
  9. Year 10s. Give me strength.
  10. Fix aging machines.
  11. Break: supervise Year 11s on aging machines.
  12. Discover MILK FINISHED. Restrain self from throwing self on floor.
  13. Give up fixing aging machines.
  14. Year 10s. I survived.
  15. Lecture on the "importance" of doing each others hair during textile lessons.
  16. Tidy department.
  17. Do road runner impression heading to car. (Cartwheels optional.)

The weekend is here. YES!!!!! And I didn't have to cook, as we were out to dinner.

I hope you all have a lovely relaxing time.


Susie said...

I see that same cartwheel type joy on the faces of the teachers when we do Friday afternoon pickup at our grandsons' school!
Enjoy your days off!!

Carole Burant said... THAT'S why I saw some teachers doing cartwheels today just after 3 pm!! hehe Gosh, it's no wonder you look forward to your weekends...I still say you teachers don't get paid enough! Sheesh! Have an absolutely wonderful weekend Linds!! xoxo

Susan said...

I echo Pea's comment. You teachers certainly do not get paid enough. I would be bald from pulling my hair out.

meggie said...

I could not be a teacher for all the money in the world!
Hope you have a relaxing wonderful weekend.

Dawn said...

That's why I only lated 1.5 years teaching, and that was more than 35 years ago and in 4th grade in a country school! You have my greatest admiration (and empathy, and sympathy!)

Dawn said...

Make that "lasted", not lated. Yikes.

someone else said...

Ah, I love Fridays!! And Saturdays!! And Sundays!! Especially with the kind of weather we're expecting the next few days.

Donnetta said...

Blessed Weekend to you as well!

Pam said...

Ah, that staffroom milk thing... Also in our case, water. We have to trek some distance from our room to the nearest drinking water for the kettle, and there are a select few of us who undertake this journey. There are others who shamelessly use the last of it during their marking and preparation period just before fifteen minute break so that when the workers come in, the well is dry ... To err is human, to forgive - hmmm.

Linda said...

Oh Linds - live can certainly be trying at times. You did have me chuckling though. I have this mental image of you "road runnering" out to the car. I'm glad the week is over for you.
Have a blessed weekend.

Linda said...

When will I ever learn to proof read my posts? I meant Life not Live!!!