Tuesday, July 01, 2008

And the sun shone....

Well. Today is going to be hot. It is expected to reach 28 degrees, which is lovely. The sun is shining, the doors are open and the birds are tweeting outside. The roses are huge and beautiful, and as you open my front door, the scent of the massed petunias is gorgeous.

More Wimbledon later today, and after last night's epic fight back by Andy Murray, the nation is euphoric. The fact that he meets Raphael Nadal tomorrow is beside the point. I do love watching tennis. Even if I do have a tendency to fall asleep during crucial sets. It's that sofa, you know. Nothing to do with the quality of tennis at all.

I am off to see the doctor in a short while to see what is happening with the knee. I have been wearing jeans most of the week. This is so that I do not obsess about the state of it. I can't see it, therefore all is well. I am very good at being an ostrich. However, I did look closely at it last night. Not good. I think it could be more swollen than last week. And after a week of lying on the couch 90% of the time with icepacks and pillows, I am not impressed.

I keep thinking of the things I love to do, like walking in the mountains, and so I have concentrated on trying to let it heal. I need to walk in the mountains this summer. The thought of going to Switzerland and having to sit and look at the mountains is not great. I want to be up there in the forests.

David has been a star. He is watering my garden for me too, and so it is not expiring. He went off to his Leaver's Ball last Friday and had a wonderful time. I looked at him in his new suit and thought, what has happened to that tiny 6lb baby who was born 19 years ago? When did he grow up?

So, after seeing what the doctor has to say, I will be returning to the couch. I am still waiting for the Amazon parcel to be delivered. It has been dispatched. I just have this sneaking suspicion that it might be coming via Outer Mongolia. Sigh.

I will be back with an update.


I am back from the doctor. More of the same. As in couch and icepack. Physio starting on Thursday. No way I will be back at work yet, given the state of the knee. Appointment with orthopaedic consultant when available. Heaven knows when. The physio means going privately, as the waiting list for the NHS one is over 4 months! But we have a great physio, who is a sports specialist therefore knees are familiar territory. Even though I am , by no stretch of the imagination, a notable sports person. He will fix me.


Donnetta (momrn2) said...

Trusting for quick healing and moments of rest and refreshing for you during this time!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

He'd better fix you!

Your knee story is frightening me because my right knee has started acting up in sympathy perhaps. I find that I tend to turn too quickly for an old gal like me so am trying to slow down and lift my foot before actually veering sideways.

I haven't watched a lick of tennis so I'll need to check in with you to see how it all goes. I can root for Andy Murray, though!

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
The doctor I see (who looks about the same age as my grandson) told me that as we age it takes longer to heal.
Like you, I keep thinking of all the things I love to do (walking every single day). I'm wondering if that is going to be possible again.
Is physio the same as a physical therapist?
Hope your books arrive soon.

Jo said...

Those babies do have a tendancy to grow up don't they. That will teach us to not look for a minute.

Well pooh... I was hoping the doctor would give you a clean bill of health and tell you to get back to doing what you want. I will keep you in my prayers that they will get you all patched up and as good as new in no time.

Linda said...

I'm back home and trying to catch up with everyone. I'm dying to read your posts about the sea. For now I will just say that I'll be praying that knee heals quickly. Switzerland sounds so lovely, and you must be up and about by then!

Midlife Mom said...

It seems that sofa isn't ready to give up your company! So sorry you didn't get a clean bill of health but hopefully the physical therapy will speed things along! I too tend to fall asleep during crucial parts of tv shows! ha! Makes me so mad when I have missed something important! Your petunias are soooooooo pretty! I would love to see your garden.

Diana Langdon said...

Well, your camera must have a super strong lens to take photos of those plants OUTSIDE when you should be IMMOBILE inside on the COUCH. Not moving. Still. Mothers... pah...

Needled Mom said...

Oh no, how could David have grown up so quickly? Glad that he is pitching in and being such a wonderful help for you.

I am NOT glad about the news you received from the doctor. What a shame. Hopefully the physio will help to get things moving again so you'll be climbing those mountains in no time. A 4 month wait for help is ridiculous. I so remember that about living there. Glad you are getting it taken care of sooner as who knows what shape it would be in in four months.

Hope the Amazon package arrives soon. Good thing that the tennis is on to fill the time. I just hate it when I fall asleep and miss the good parts.

Dawn said...

YOu must have a very comfortable couch - unlike mine. We need a new one so badly, but as long as the grands like to "play cushions" which means taking them off and making them into trains, trampolines, etc. etc., we won't be getting anything lovely.

I'm sorry you're still so swollen, but hope the doc will be able to help you soon! I know you love walking in those mountains.

David is very tall and handsome. My son grew tall later than his friends, but he definitely towers over me now - which I love, since I'm 5'10" tall.

Crystal said...

Hi, Linds! I've enjoyed catching up on your very interesting BMTTS posts. And the roses are beautiful!! I hope the knee heals nicely - and quickly! Take care!

Crystal said...

I"m praying for you today, my friend. ((( HUGS )))