Thursday, July 10, 2008

Wedding central - the flowers for the tables...

Ah well.... the flowers are half done. For those of you who missed this, I am doing the decorations for my friend's daughter's wedding reception on Saturday. Yesterday, I showed you the kitchen with 20 pots of real live ivy scattered around. This is the same idea I used for Andrew's wedding, and it worked so well, it has been used again and again. Weddings do not have to cost the earth.

I had the 20 tin bucket thingies (from Ikea), and I put a piece of wet oasis for fresh flowers in the base of each, and then around the ivy to wedge it in. The ivy is untangled, so it winds its way across the round tables. Then I add some artificial silk flowers to each pot. Lilies, sweetpeas and carnations. They are very life-like and look so real that people sniff them to see if they have a scent! They will all be kept and used again and again. The lilies have been used about 5 times already.
I have looped ribbon and wired it too, so that went in next. A couple for each pot. I also wired a single large crystal bead, and wound the wire round a pen so it makes a spiral, and each pot has about 2-3 of these in too.
These are some of the long wired strings of beads which will be wound around and through the ivy when we get to the hall. If I do it now, it all gets caught together when we transport them there. The candles on the tables pick up the crystal beads and they sparkle in the dark and look wonderful. The light catching them is beautiful. Each pot will have about 3 strings of beads in the ivy. The actual pot will also have beads wound around it when they are on the table.

This is getting to the point where I can't do anything more until Friday when the fresh gypsophila arrives. Every pot will have sprigs of fresh flowers in as well.

That plastic bag in the front of so many of the photos is full of individually wrapped strings of wired beads. They have to be kept separate or they all get hopelessly tangled. These are the ones with thinner wire, so they are more flexible. I have no idea why I did not move it to take the photos.

So this is what my kitchen looks like as I write. No. There is nowhere to eat on the table at the moment. But it is just for a few more days, and then they will be gone. They look lovely. Well, everyone who has seen them says they do, and I am happy with them so far. It is amazing what the addition of gypsophila does to the arrangements. As they are now, they look fine. I hope the bride is happy.

And after the wedding, we will strip down all the arrangements, wrap the wired beads again, pack the flowers , buckets and ribbons into boxes to go into the loft, use the ivy in the gardens, dry the gypsophila, and throw away nothing. And each arrangement cost under £5 to make. See? It can be done. I will post photos of the hall after the wedding.

So it is all quiet and peaceful around here. It should be. It is 3 something am. Do not ask. I have been to bed and now I am up again. I may sleep better on the couch. This is not quite what I anticipated for the summer of 2008.


At A Hen's Pace said...


I am impressed and inspired!! I must remember this idea. I have the uncomfortable feeling that my nearly 16 y.o. daughter will be getting married before I know it.

But I am none too confident that it'll stick because, like you, my memory isn't what it used to be--seems like it's getting too crowded!

I am so sorry to read of the delays getting into the doctors--and the misdiagnosis, without even the benefit of an X-ray. :(

But I was glad to hear of your visit with Geoff's surgeon. It sounds like that must have helped bring a little more closure. Two years

Praying for your healing, and for some appointments to open up QUICK!


Janine said...

It looks stunning! Amazing what you can do with some imagination and flair. Will have to file all your ideas in my head for when Shan gets married. Hope that the knee isn't too bad. X

Jo said...

These flowers are beautiful....
Any time you want to come and lay on my couch while creating veautiful flower arrangememnts, then come on over.

Linds, after reading your comment on Chris' blog about making soap at 3AM I have to laugh and say you silly girl.... You don't have room in your kitchen to make soap. For that matter, I don't think you even have room for a peanutbutter sandwich.

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
You have such a talent :)
Those arrangements look very professional and I'm sure the reception hall will be just beautiful.
Are you doing them sitting down??
Hope your knee is feeling a bit better. I'm off to the doctor today to see what he says.
Don't overdo!!

Judith said...

I tried leaving a comment, but must have done something wrong because I was almost finished with it, and it disappeared.

You are more creative than you may realize. I pray God sends you work where you can us it.

Take care about that leg.

Sandra said...

Those are just beautiful, WOW!

I hope you got some rest, on the couch or the bed or wherever you were able to LOL


Needled Mom said...

Linds, the flowers look beautiful. I know that your friend and the couple will be so thrilled with all the time and effort that you have put into making them. Perhaps that should be your next career move. You can even do it from home!!!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Gosh, it's so pretty in your kitchen. You're going to hate to see all those beautiful arrangements go. ;>

Dawn said...

I love it! You're right - weddings don't have to break the bank to be lovely. You're a good friend!

meggie said...

That looks like wonderful decorating ideas. How pretty it will all look.
Look forward to seeing it all in situ.

Crystal said...

Thanks for the news about quadding, LInds. There have been several deaths in Alberta this year due to careless driving and high speeds, often by people who have little experience in off road conditions. I fear that legislation may soon be imposed here too. I deplore the fact that there are so many rules for everything and no one uses their own common sense nor takes responsibility for their actions in quadding or in life. Until we are legislated off the road we'll keep on having fun safely and protect the environment by staying on trails and treading lightly. I wish you could come with us one day :))