Monday, July 14, 2008

Fashion observations from the rocking chair.....

The sun is shining and the sky is blue. Anyone would think it is summer! I fully intend doing absolutely nothing but resting all day, whether it is outside in the garden, or on the couch. Normal life (as it is at the moment) will resume tomorrow, but today is my day of rest.

The one thing I noticed at the wedding, was the height of the heels. Now I am not known for my fashion commentaries, but I noticed the shoes. One particular pair of shocking pink ones with 4 inch heels was hard to miss. Or forget. Anyway. The shoes. They were HIGH. Very high. And as I sat there with the older-ladies-who-were-not-up-to-gyrating-all-over-the-dance-floor, we discussed those shoes. As one does when one is clearly in the older generation.

Most of the girls ended up being a good deal taller than their partners, and they didn't seem to mind at all. How interesting this is. There is a new sort of confidence in the young girls, which was never around when I was a young thing. It is great. It did make for some interesting viewing when they attempted to twirl under the arms and spin around. And we pontificated about their ability to twirl and spin in those shoes without having an ambulance standing by to transport them to the A&E. We see beyond the romance of the moment when we are in the older generation, it seems. Good grief..... I have turned into my grandmother......

Based on my extensive observations of footwear for weddings, I can positively announce that flat shoes are OUT. Heels that could be used as deadly weapons are IN. The higher the better. Bright is in. Dull is out. I am quite sure I have some high shoes buried in that cupboard upstairs. I wonder if they make training wheels for shoes. I could start a new trend. The other wise pontification I can offer is that legs do indeed look much better in heels than in flat shoes. It has taken 54 years for me to be convinced of this fact. See? It pays to sit at a table and observe life. You get pearls of wisdom.

And fashion...... well, bear in mind that I am not Melanie here. There was a real mix on show. The most stunning of dresses was a simple cream dress with sparkly stuff all over it, just below knee length, strapless with a slightly swirly skirt. Black and white was in too. With belts. Belts on impossibly small waists. Groan. Strapless was definitely a winner too. Though I did see many hoiking up their tops after enthusiastic gyrating. I did hold my breath once or twice too, I will admit. The younger set wore dresses. Some very short, and most just above or below the knee. Bright colours too, and lots of patterns. Happy clothes.

The "more mature" ladies wore dresses with jackets, or bolero thingys, suits in soft fabrics, or longer dresses. You know, it just occurs to me that I am a textile artist cum teacher, and here I am rabbitting on about thingies and whatsits and I should know instantly what the fabric is. Hmmmm.

However, I am also happy to announce that I will NOT be donning strapless anythings, nor will I be wearing shocking pink. And belts are not a part of my immediate future either. Or anything which remotely accentuates the area where one's waist used to be. But oh, I wish I had had that cream sparkly dress with the shimmery stuff on it when I was young........

Anyway, so ends my fashion review. I will just add that men always look wonderful in suits. Dress suits are even better. In my not so humble opinion. I remember when we used to have to dress in evening dress to go to the ballet or an opera......... oh bring back the good old days.....(!!!!)
Dressing up has something magical about it. Special. Sigh.

Oh well. That jumble of clothes I whizzed through before the wedding? It is in a heap on the floor. I tossed it aside and tumbled in to bed to sleep when I got home. That can also wait for tomorrow.

I am off to dream of times when I have dressed up for special events....... and cream strapless sparkly dresses with swirly skirts...... and high heels.......


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...


I loved your commentary! Hmmm, I can't wear heels any higher than kitten ones these days and I truly doubt that a higher heel would do a thing for these legs of mine.

Linds, I have something for you at my blog today, should you choose to accept it. If not, no worries!

Needled Mom said...

We should have all appreciated those days a little more when we were younger. I wouldn't dare to wear those heels these days as I would not want to pay the price afterwards. Perhaps it was those shoes that cause our issues today???? Nor will I wear that little strapless number anytime soon. Women reach an age where it is just not attractive or sophisticated anymore. Thank heavens most women realize that their bodies do not belong in them.

Crystal said...

I love to watch crowds and make observations about fashion too! Young girls nowadays have such confidence about their dress and it seems to me they love to get dressed up. The swirly dress and the pink shoes sound like show stoppers. When I think back, I wish I had been more confident in a bathing suit. I avoided them and now is not the time to bring them out (at all!). I did have some mini skirts (remember the British model in the 60's whose name started with a T - escapes me just now!) and I'm surprised now that my parents let me leave the house in them!! They did have high necks and sleeves though, unlike today's dresses. Ah, the good old days and memories! And I still love dressing up and having DH in a suit and tie - he looks very handsome still!

On another fashion note, I need to find a mother-of-the-groom dress for March. The mother of the bride is a teeny tiny thing who goes to the gym at 5 a.m. every morning and wants something that will show off her arms - lucky thing that she is! I deplore the matronly look so I better start looking (and exercising) very soon. Wish me luck :))

Mary said...

Sequins,frilly bits, ruffles, shoe string straps,heels, belts,sparkles .......ugh! I used to like dressing my dolls in them, As for me I am embarrassed to say that I am beginning to suspect there is a bit of a hippy slob in me. Bring back the caftan ;)

Still, I dare say if I was a tad younger and my legs were a little more shapely and I had a waist and I didn't have shoulders that could save the world... maybe a little shimmer would be alright!

Crystal said...

HI, Linds -

Could you please email me? I have a request!

Crystal said...

Hi, Linds -
Could you please email me? I have a request. Thanks!

Jo said...

"I am off to dream of times when I have dressed up for special events....... and cream strapless sparkly dresses with swirly skirts...... and high heels......."

and the long hot days of summer when I wore thing-a-jigs........... as opposed to the short cold days of winter when I had to wear Do-ja-ma-floppies.

Patting you on the back for a job well done. The tables were beautiful thanks to your floral arrangements. They added that special touch. I am so proud of you that you wore sensible shoes and restrained from getting out on the dance floor.

Now you can get back to the couch and get that leg up before I send in the Great Dane.