Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Looking for the good....

I have not been around to visit today - I have this slight problem with a) a knee which is seriously driving me crazy and b) work stuff I have had to take care of. The good news is that my appointment with the consultant has been moved forward a week. This is excellent. The fact that it is over a month since I did the (initial) damage is another story. Do not ask what further damage I may have done. Lalalalalalala..... I do not want to know.

Yesterday, my friend Julia arranged for me to go and have highlights and a hair cut for free!!! So that was a real treat and the grey is banished for a few months at least. She gets free hair treatments for her family as part of her work, and as she has no family nearby, she asked if she could bring a friend, and they said of course. So that was me. Now we just need the rest of me made-over and fixed up and we will be ready to run. Well, metaphorically speaking.

I went back to the doctor today because the knee is worse and very shaky. So now we have a prescription for anti-inflammatories as well as the pain killers. And he said no exercise and rest on the couch again. This is after the physio said exercise. All advice is contradictory and it is doing my head in, people. He also said absolutely NO to flying anywhere. So I have been in a funk on the couch. I wanted to go and sit in my sister's garden and rest. And he said no. I tend to lose my sense of humour when people say no to me.

But Katherine popped in with Morgan, the flying dog, to visit, followed by Margaret bearing new lettuce plants for my garden, so life is good as well as mediocre. We will attempt to focus on the good parts. I said attempt. Miracles are not abundant round here.

So I won't mention that the book I ordered from Amazon a month ago is still lolling about in some American warehouse somewhere and will not be here till the end of August, they inform me. Nor will we mention that I have run out of potatoes. We will instead tell you that my favourite rose of all time is in bloom - Alpine Sunset. It smells like heaven. And there are more buds too! I have a photo but it is on the camera and the camera is in the lounge and I am not.

What else good can I relate......

The babes excelled at sports day yesterday. Bekah won 2 races, Mims won one and Chris came 3rd in one. A triumph!
Simon's leg is slowly healing in hospital.
Summer holidays start tomorrow.
It is not raining.
I am surrounded by people who love me and care about me.

See - life is good. So why didn't I plant potatoes at home too????


Chris said...

Pictures of the hair! We want pictures of the hair!!!

And should we send rope for David to tie you down?

PEA said...

That's the attitude to have....think of the good things:-) I know it's easier said than done but I just had to say it! lol Oh Linds, I can well imagine how bored you are having to lay around and not allowed to do much of anything. I know it would drive me bonkers as well!! You are indeed very loved and cared about so we'll all make sure you don't lose your sanity...or what's left of it, ok? hehe xoxo

Donnetta (momrn2) said...

How lovely that in the middle of everything you were able to get your hair done! What a nice treat!

Jo said...

Uhhhh Heelllooo..... Linds I think it is a good thing that the Doctor said No Flying. First of all You have no feathers. Second you have no wings to stick the feathers to even if you did have feathers. Third upon take off you would probably crash to the ground and break your crown. If how ever you have been holding out on us with the wings and feathers and such ............. well...... We Need Pictures.

Cheer up chickie, this too will pass. Here's your daily hug.

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
I can well imagine how frustrating it is to get contradictory advise from your doctors. Resting on the couch is absolutely no fun and while it may be good for the knee, it does little to boost your morale.
Looking for the blessing in small things is a good start.
Glad to hear your cut and color helped cheer you!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Well, with the time difference it's late evening there so I hope the rest of your day was better than the beginning.

There's all that stuff about one day at a time and Rome wasn't built in a day, but after so long a time waiting on anything, and especially when you're physically hindered and in pain, you just get impatient and out of sorts and want everything set to rights, RIGHT NOW ALREADY!

(Was that not the longest run on sentence EVER?!?)

Hang in there dearie -- this too shall pass, even though it may not seem like it now.

Love and hugs,


Judith said...

Linds, What is (are) the book title (s) that are so slow in getting there, and would they arrive sooner from Colorado,USA?

I so understand your frustration that you can't do even ordinary things. This was driving me crazy, too. So I decided this may be the only time ever I have such a good excuse to NOT do household work, or other boring things, and am taking time for stuff that usually didn't get done.

I was surprised at the varying medical advice too. ER said my knee was only arthritis. I think he showed prejudice. Since I'm old, "it must be arthritis". That's why I pushed for the MRI. I so understand how you're feeling. I've cried myself to sleep a few nights,too.

The best thing that's come out of this injury is that I've taken time to look at what I'm doing to myself in my miserable nursing job. Nursing homes' workloads are insane. (Sounds a lot like your job, I think). and I'm thinking hard how I can change this. It may require taking more chances, and maybe making less money, at least for a while, but I must find out if life can be more meaningful, and I am sure your life needs to be better for you. I am so glad your family and friends are so supportive, and do things to cheer you. You are such a special, giving, unselfish soul. When someone lifts you up by helping you feel better,know that it's a gift to them to do it.

Please let me know about the book situation. Love, Judith

Crystal said...

Oh, my - the medical condition and situation are frustrating over there too. My dad is dealing with a kidney stone and he's being put off everywhere. We want to take a road trip to California but he's pretty doubtful that he'll be able to come along. I'm praying that healing will happen for you.

A day at the hair salon is always an uplifting day - good for you and as a treat is even better! Too bad about the flying. Being in a different place would be a marvelous place but hopefully it can come just a little later.

((( HUGS ))) during this difficult week.

Linda said...

It is always good to count ones' blessings Linds! You have the right spirit! I am sorry you can't fly right now. I'm just praying your knee will heal quickly and you'll soon be able to do all the things you love to do.

Britt-Arnhild said...

Thanks for the morning chat :-)The coffee is ready over in my place.....

Morning Glory said...

I always learn so much from you. Looking for the good things is such good advice. And being surrounded by people who love and care about you is priceless. Don't forget all those who care about you who live far away. I hope you get some relief soon, my friend.

meggie said...

Photos would be nice, but I realise you are incapacitated... & need to STAY that way, to heal your knee!
Do you know, I swear, as I read your post, I could smell your beautiful rose?

Take care of you, Linds.