Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Creating from the couch.....

My kitchen is starting to resemble wedding central here. I am going to SIT at the table and do 18-20 centre-pieces for the tables from tomorrow. The beading is done. Jean and I did quite a bit on Sunday afternoon, while I lay on the couch, and Margaret brought me all the ones they made for her daughter's wedding too. I can't tell you what a difference it makes to work beads into flower arrangements!

Like at my son's wedding, I am using silver pots (well, tin, really) and pots of trailing ivy in each, and then flowers in amongst the ivy. I will post photos during the making of them later this week. I wire beads, spaced randomly apart, and then wind them around the trailing ivy so when the tealight candles are lit, they sparkle. I may be winding some around the pots too. Then there is the ribbon to sort. Because I can't drive at the moment, I issue orders and the stuff arrives! It is great fun.

In the corner of my lounge, I have bunches of twigs which have been wired with little lights and when you plug them in, they make beautiful features out of corners, and Nicky has managed to find some to use for the wedding too. So on Friday, I will take up position at the place where the reception is being held, and will supervise the decoration. No. I will NOT be climbing all over the place. I promise.

However, because I am a control freak, I will need policing. My friends think this is hilarious. They will be there to stop me. It is just that I have the picture of what it can look like in my head. Now I have to be able to tell other people what to do to make it happen.

To make the hall look beautiful, we are also gathering potplants from all our friends' homes too. Different heights and sizes, to bank the entrance ways and the corners of the stage. It is going to look stunning. There will be photos. Many, I suspect.

There is no need to spend thousands, you know. Especially when it becomes a community event with everyone helping, just like it was for my son's wedding. And just about all the stuff I am using will be re-usable for the next event, or for our homes or gardens. Margaret's daughter, who teaches art, wound about 20 strings of wired beads around a vase in the entrance to her home, and together they look like a very classy huge bracelet. Fun, beautiful and very cheap!

The knee update is that I spoke to my doctor again, and she is trying to book an emergency appointment with the consultant. I should know in a day or so when that is likely to be. That is when I will start looking seriously at other options, if I have to. I cannot wait till November to get this sorted.

As the swelling subsides a little, I have to say that it is getting more uncomfortable. And I am aware, and so is the doctor, at last, that my unusually high pain threshhold is actually very dangerous. Most people would be in great pain. I am uncomfortable, so medical professionals tend to underestimate the extent of the damage, and also, I tend to inflict further damage because it doesn't hurt as much as it would a normal person. Sigh. I am abnormal. I can walk. I should NOT be walking without the crutch. Most people would not be walking at all. And the reson I am so tired is that my body is trying to heal things I cannot feel. Weird? I know.

Anyway. I have creations to create. The rain has stopped for the moment. My son will go and get the milk I need for my coffee. When he rises from the pit, that is. There is stuff to do.


Janine said...

At least you're being kept out of mischief! I have a high pain threshold too and I know that sometimes it works against me. Remember driving my kids to school when I had double pneumonia and pleurisy! Take it easy though and take the opportunity to brush up on your delegation skills. Every mom should have them!

Needled Mom said...

Everything sounds like it will look wonderful. I can hardly wait to see the finished project. It is such a great idea to pool everyone's resources to make the event happen without the expense.

I figured that you had to have a high pain threshold when you were describing what you were able to do with such an injury. It is a disadvantage but it beats the pain.

Your idea of posting the name of the spa company had entered my mind. If things get much worse, I will certainly think about it. It is just incredibly frustrating to say the least. How much hate mail do you think I would receive????? I may need to change my blog name.

Needled Mom said...

I forgot to ask you if you had pitched your crutch at the television by the time the Wimbleton match was over. That was amazing.

Jo said...

Wow Linds, for a woman that is supposed to be laid up on the couch with an injured knee, you sure have been a busy little beaver.

I got behind the last few days with all that has been going on with Caden and not to mention that I pushed us over our allowed bandwith when I was downloading updates to the PC.

I saved the best for last and have caught up on my favorite people. I love that you recieved the phone call from 'Some American'. I am going to be sure to visit Chris' blog.

I can't tell you how much your visits and comments have meant to me. You are a special person Linds and if your ever doubt how special you are just ask me and I will remind you. BTW, I don't mean 'special' in the way my grands discribe me with the rolling of the eyes and followed with a giggle.

Have a great week Linds and don't overdo.

Edith said...

Love your description of your wedding creations - looking forward to the pics. I'm trying to do this wedding on a budget - Keeping It Spectacularly Simple - it will definitely be different.

Ugh...High pain thresholds can be a huge drawback - take care of yourself.

Have a great day.

PEA said...

Dearest Linds,

Here I am to finally catch up with your news! Please know I haven't forgotten you, just blame it on lack of time! lol

Oh dear, you really did a number on that knee of yours. Hopefully things will move along quickly and you can get it repaired...oh wait, nothing moves quickly in the medical field, does it! lol

Wow, you've got quite the job ahead of you, decorating for your friend's wedding but it sounds like you've got it all under control:-) Can't wait to see the pictures, I've no doubt it will look beautiful...if your helpers can do what you tell them to do! hehe xoxo

Lori said...

Sounds like you're accomplishing a lot from that couch, LOL!

Dawn said...

It sounds like a lot of work, which you are enjoying - for me it would be torture! I can hardly wait to see picgtures.

I, on the other hand, have a very low tolerance for pain! I don't know which is the better scenario.