Saturday, July 05, 2008

Some American on the phone...

I have a really lovely friend, Chris at His Unfinished work, you know. Well, I sincerely hope you DO know her. And if you don't, now would be a great time to pop over to visit her and get to know her.

She is funny, strong, open, and just a delight. And she is coping with the aftermath and rehabilitation her mother is going through as a consequence of a stroke. She has started another blog too, Post stroke to diarise her journey as she and her sister help her Mum through rehab. Not easy. Not easy in any sense of the world. Especially as Chris also has her own family and her work not to mention all the other parts of her life which all need her as well. The link is in her sidebar.

So where was I??? Oh yes. There I was reclining on the couch with icepack in place, and a heated wheat bag on the toes - don't ask - entertaining my friend's husband who had brought all the beads I am stringing for their daughter's wedding next Saturday....I don't think I mentioned that I am doing the decor?? From the couch?? For a wedding of 150 people? In a large hall? Which needs lots of decoration???? I may even string fairy lights around the crutch.

I digress.

There I was, watching the tennis and chatting to Bob, making arrangements for him to climb round my attic as I clearly cannot, and all the things for the wedding are up there, and David walks in with the phone. Hey, Mum, it is some American on the phone for you. Hello I said? And there she was. Chris. She called ME!! I can't tell you what a wonderful surprise it was, and how much I loved the fact that we could chat so easily, as though we had known each other for years. We laughed, and talked about so many things, which only old friends could do. We knew so much about each other. No explanantions were needed.

So for 15 minutes, we chatted and laughed and had the best time. And there was Bob, looking rather bemused - I totally ignored him, because, you know, SOME AMERICAN was on the phone. My priorities were very straight. Clear. And at the end of the conversation, he was magnanimous about being ignored, and asked if I had been talking to an old friend. Oh yes, I said. Well - I have never actually MET her. He has never heard of blogs, my friends. He has no idea what he is missing. I think he thinks I am slightly odd. Weird.

But we all know I am not. The blessings I have received from blogging are wonderful. I wouldn't change it for the world. I love what I do here, and I love all the wonderful friends I have made. Today was good. Great. I spoke to a virtual friend in real life.

So go on over and say hi, people, and I know you will add her family to your prayer lists too. I am heading back to the couch. Still grinning.


Chris said...

Next time I'm going to say, "Hallo, Daaaeevid, is Linds theah?" and maybe I can fool him into thinking I'm not just "some American"...think it will work? I've been practicing up on the British accent ever since I "rang off" so I'd be ready for next time.

Hubster was impressed as well. "You did WHAT?" then shook his head. Men just don't get these things, do they? :) Still grinning on the other side of the pond!

Dawn said...

Well, I know how much I loved it when you called me that day - and needed it! It is so lovely to have such good, loving friends all over the world, though we've never met.

I can't believe I've missed the last 3 posts - my goodness! I say you do have a bit of a pickle with that A&E place - pathetic!! I hope they do get it all sorted out soon and do the right things. I wish you didn't have a waiting list for everything!

As for the first week of retirement - WONDERFUL! I plan to say more on that on the old bloggie next week.

I hope you're feeling better, and so glad your BFF was able to come and cheer you up (in case you don't read stupid mags and know the language of the "celebs" that means best friend forever!)

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Hi, Linds,

It's been a while since we connected, hasn't it? I see you're having some issues with your foot. So sorry about that. I know how limiting it is to have problems maneuvering, and so inconvenient! Hope you heal well and quickly.

I've talked on the phone with a couple of my blogging buddies, and as you said, it's like we've known each other in real life for years! Something about the daily communication via the blogs just cuts through all the surface stuff and gets to the heart of real friendship, I think. I've communicated by mail (post to you, I think) with many more and I'm always excited to find something in my mailbox (postbox) from a blogging buddy.

Drop by anytime, Linds, and have a great weekend, though yours is more than half gone by now. ;o)

Love and hugs,


Mary said...

Two visits - fantastic. You surely do deserve some 'feel food' moments. Even your post had a kind of ear to ear 'grin' about them. Maybe one day David will pick up the phone and say, "Mum, there's some lady on the phone with an slightly English - come Crocodile Dundee sounding voice!" That'll be me saying put the Kettle on dearie, I've finally made the trip back home (born in Hoylake) and thought I'de just pop in to say hello.

I will pop over to visit Cris and I will pray for her family.


zzop357 said...

Nothing like a phone call form a friend, to confuse your family and local friends.LOL Besides that it just made your day.That call was better than a good book and did more for your health than therapy.
I'll drop by your friends and give her a holler.
Take care and God bless.Donna

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

So if you spoke to SOME AMERICAN on the phone for 15 minutes, it's very clear that she's no longer a "virtual" friend. Poor Bob! He probably went directly home and told his wife how Linds has gone around the bend.

Oh, do decorate the crutch with twinkle lights. If we believe, after all...

(BTW, you've given me some chuckles with your comments at my blog...thanks!)

smilnsigh said...

So happy you had a wonderful chat!

I just read your comment over on 'A Haven for Vee's' blog. {I know, I'm lazy and not making that a click-able link. My bad!!! -giggles-} Anyway, you said; "Hobbling to the computer every hour is CRUEL! (Hahahahaha - that may make her tell us sooner, girls)"

I love it! Vee is just such a tease, isn't she?!? Yes she is! And I used to get peeved. But by now I've learned to just let her play out her tease, at her own pace.

But I love it that you are teasing her back, with what you said about hobbling to the computer, for check-ins!!! ,-)

Don't know what you did to your self, but sorry about it.

And Faerie Lights on your crutch for the wedding sounds wonderful! Can someone find you a battery pack for Faerie lights? Oh - do ask someone to. If I had one, I'd send it to you. But then, I don't even know when this upcoming wedding is. :-) Oh well, I would if I could!

Hugs from across the Pond,
'Smilnsigh' blog - where I suggest you start reading, a few posts back. 'Cause I got on a wee little rant, last 2 entries. And I don't rant usually. I like to post pretty pictures and pretty stuff, mostly. But, your opinion of my blog, is in your hands. :-) Anyway, here's the click-able link, if you want to pop in some day.
Smilnsigh blog...

Crystal said...

What a marvelous treat!!! Someday you might hear "It's a Canadian on the line"!!

Good luck with the decorating!