Friday, July 11, 2008

What one does in the early hours ........

One of the features of Vista which I really like, is the right sidebar. I have the weather in Wellington up (so I can see if Diana is hot, cold or wet), the news headlines from around the world, and also ,the best, a small window which flicks through all the photos on my computer.

Every 5 seconds or so, it changes randomly, and so many photos have popped up which catch my eye, and I can click on them to enlarge them. Photos I had forgotten. Of the babes when they were born, or small. Of scenes I love from places I have visited, of family, of my ancestors, of my garden, and they become a little spur to jog that ailing memory. (Everyone had aluminium pots when I was growing up, Judith!) Triggering memories of distant times. They also serve to remind me how swiftly time is passing by too. July??? It is already July??? 2008????

The 4 photos above are of:
  1. My grandmother.

  2. My mother (her daughter)

  3. Me (her granddaughter)

  4. My grandmother.

What do you think? The similarities are unbelievable. Well, to me they are. I tried messing about with them at 4 in the morning (as one does) and made them all black and white, but then I forgot to save them. Sigh. Did I mention I was up and dressed at 3.12am?

At 5am, I had my third cup of coffee.

At 6am, I had my fourth. And bid farewell, as a consequence, to the last vestiges of sleep. Now , it is 8am and I have my 5th next to me. I am wired enough to tackle a hike up a large Alp. This is not helpful when one is required to stay off one's feet for protracted lengths of time. Like months.

Maybe I will go and play with photos again. I need a laptop. Sitting at the desk for hours is not good. Mutter mutter. I am not a ray of sunshine when sleep eludes me.


Anonymous said...

You should also put a pic of Diana in with these - looks so like that one of your mum.

Pam said...

The pictures are fantastic, dear Linds . . . beautiful, every one.

Praying for you as your evening is rapidly approaching and the coffee wears off eventually.

Praying for your pain management as well.

Love the photos.

Penless Thoughts said...

Love these photos shown together like this and yes you all look so alike. When I was younger people always said I looked like my mother and I couldn't see it. Now I do. My two daughters are beginning to look so like me as they age and my younger son looks so much like my father. Wonderful isn't it? I think it is. Reminds me that we should come to look more and more like our Heavenly Father as we age :o)

Jeana said...

Very similar. I thought the second and third were both you.

Morning Glory said...

The family gene pool is alive and well. It's amazing how much you all look alike!

Sandra said...

Wow you really do look alike, the similarity is uncanny.

Midlife Mom said...

Amazing how similar you all look! Sorry you were up so early but enjoyed the fruits of your photo labor! Hope you sleep tonight!!!

Crystal said...

You are definitely your mother's daughter - and your grandmother's granddaughter!! It's amazing how as we age, we look more and more like our ancestors, isn't it?

I hope all goes well for the wedding this weekend. Are you perhaps just a tad excited and that is why sleep eludes you? Take lots of pictures to show us. And don't fall asleep at the reception, please!!!

Jo said...

Are you sure you weren't cloned? The family resemblance is amazing. someday T~Bear will look back at pictures of herself, mom, and me and be amazed with the resemblance she will see.

You mean to tell me that you were up at 3 AM again and didn't make laundry soap? lol

Havbe a wonderful weekend my friend and speedy recovery.

PEA said...

Have you been bouncing off the walls all day after having drank all that coffee?? lol Oh dear, no fun to be awake so early and not being able to fall back asleep.

Oh yes, I definitely do see the similarities between you, your mom and your, it's uncanny! I so love looking at all pictures...especially to see the style of clothes they use to wear back then:-)

I'm just loving all the flower arrangements you've made for the wedding, how beautiful they are. Fantastic job, dear Linds!!! Tomorrow is the wedding...hope it all goes well and we will be expecting to see pictures of it:-) xoxo

Needled Mom said...

The similarities are amazing. I was thinking that you and your mother were the same person at different ages.

The table looks beautiful. I can't wait to see more photos of the event. Have a wonderful time.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Love the photographs...yes, a striking resemblance to be sure!

zzop357 said...

I agree, you all look a like.
I hate to wake up early too. It makes for a lonnnnng day.
I hope you are feeling better. It is rough having to stay inside and even worse to be immobile.I wish they Dr's could get you in earlier.
Good luck today. I hope the wedding goes great.
God bless, Donna

Butterfly Mama said...

You all are strikingly similar - not to mention beautiful.

So you've got all the pics of your kids scanned in huh. I've just yesterday started scanning in some old photos - boy it's a chore!

Thanks for sharing,Heidi