Sunday, July 06, 2008

If you are over 50, watch your legs!

I called a friend of mine in Scotland today. Just to catch up. From the couch. And after telling her about the knee woes and the fact that the waiting list appears to be 18 weeks long for treament - that means November - she said "we should live closer" or words to that effect.

Why? Well, she raced out into the garden 2 weeks ago, as her dog was upending all her plants, slipped, met a tree, and broke her ankle. I tell you, South African women are tough. She dragged herself inside, and then drove to fetch her son with a broken ankle. So, after a few new casts on her leg over the past 2 weeks and a complete set of crutches, there she is, left leg, like me, elevated. On her couch. I should clearly be in Scotland on the other couch.

That makes Judith, Susie, me, Mary, and Cheryl. The count is rising. It is an epidemic.


If you are over 50, walk carefully. Do not chase dogs. Do not turn. Do not bowl cricket balls to children, or any other balls, for that matter. Do not wear slippers. Do not dance in your kitchen. Do not climb over rocks. Do not run on the beach. Do not spin round to try to catch naughty children in class. Do nothing at speed.

In fact, just get a blanket and go and lie on your couch. I will let you know when it is safe to move again.

PS: Is anyone else watching the Wimbledon final???? I am going grey, and my blood pressure must be stratospheric. I keep rushing in and out like a lunatic because I can't bear to watch and I also can't bear not to. I feel an email coming on to Mr Federer.


Needled Mom said...

It sounds as though the knee is getting some pretty special treatment with the guests you have been corresponding with. I am sure it helps to take your mind off of the fact that care will not be coming any time soon. Between that and Wimbledon who would want to leave the couch??? I cannot believe that they would make you wait that long. I will definitely use care in my walking after reading about all of you with injuries.

Janine said...

Don't even know who won Wimbledon! Only on satellite (which we don't have) and I forgot to watch the news. Oh well, will hear tomorrow. Good luck with the knee. Take care.

Chris said...

Oh m'dear! I have enough padding on my legs to suffer through any malady with grace and aplomb.

By the way, knees? What are those? Don't believe I have any left....

Crystal said...

We just saw the highlights of the Wimbledon match and Mel and Tyler were excited. What a session that must have been!

I think I'd better lie down on the couch right now - please let me know when it's safe to move :)) Seriously, I hope the healing is progressing and you can see the medical people much sooner than you think. Take care this week!

Mary said...

My knee is much, much, much, much better. I've traded the couch for morphine(just kidding. No kidding, my knee is much, much, much, much better (oh the power of positive thinking). All jokes aside,my knee is much, much, much, much better (compared to say,needing ice packs and crutches and being on a waiting list for treatment). So all things considered, I would say my knee is much better.

Besides, I am a bit of a risk taker. It's going to be really hard giving up the slippers ;)

Poor Federer. What does the man have to do to be named the greatest tennis player?

Mary said...

Please insert a closing bracket after (just kidding (ta).

Morphine has a way of fogging the brain (just kidding).

Sweet Repose said...

I really enjoyed your blog this cloudy morning in the States. It's so true about this '50' having a two year old to watch.

Can't remember how I found you, but you are bookmarked from across the seas.

Have a wonderful day,
Sharon (another American)

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
There does seem to be quite a few having problems. (just came from yet another)!
I gave my foot a bit of a workout on Friday but it was by necessity.
This aging is not for sissies!!

Dawn said...

I just found another one - Nancygrace of Too Wonderful For Me!

Lori said...

I'm not 50 yet, but this scares me. I'm taking it easy!LOL

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Hahahahaha...I'll be careful...actually, it's already too late, but I'll be more careful.