Sunday, July 20, 2008

A simple day....

As I look through the windows to my garden, I can see soft sunshine, my roses swaying gently in the breeze and even a butterfly fluttering about. The skies are blue with wisps of white clouds slowly drifting past, and the day promises to be warmer than it has been in recent days.

Rewind to yesterday and howling gales, rain pouring from ominously angry grey clouds, toppled over tomato plants, roses stripped bare and you will see why this morning gives ample reason to smile in comparison! The fleeting sunshine of the early morning did not last long.

According to my mother, Britain is suffering from summertime blues, and the recommendation is to make sure you go outdoors, even in the rain, to absorb some natural light. She, and the paper she reads, may well have a point. So I have every intention of doing just that today. Sitting outside in my garden, ignoring the weeds and just enjoying the simple moment.

Simplicity. I think this is the answer to so many of the trials of today. Simplicity. Stripping away all the unnecessary aspects of life and focussing on the simplest, most important parts. It is not wrong to just sit and be. To enjoy the moment. To look at our children and each other and simply accept the moment as the blessing it is. We live in a time where the days never seem to have enough hours - and I am the first to say I fall into this category too - I am a charter member of the "multiply time" concept. We were not designed to function at 100 miles an hour every waking moment.

Take today for instance. I could go out in the garden and work on the weeds, deadheading, cutting back, hauling the garden bin through the house and out again, sweeping and washing the patio. All necessary and good things in and of themselves. Or, I could go out and sit there, and drink in the sights and sounds and scents, and relax and enjoy it as it is. In this moment. In the soft sun.

Sometimes we need to sit and just be.

Today I am not saying "more", or "better" or "tidier", or "cleaner", or "bigger", or "want".

I am saying "thank you". "Enough". "I am blessed".


Diane@Diane's Place said...

I'd just clicked away from typing my comment on your last post and Bloglines popped up a new post from you! It's actually working right at the moment.

They say that natural light helps regulate hormones that ward off depression and moodiness. I say, it can't hurt, can it?

Resting and living in the moment is some of the best therapy for our bodies and our souls. Enjoy your day of rest, guilt free, Linds. :o)

Love and hugs,


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Reading this post was so relaxing...

This idea of a simpler life is really taking hold in Blogdom lately.

Last night, we got caught in a rainstorm while walking. One minute bright blue skies and sunshine and not many minutes later the rain. I think that I'll remember it as the most wonderful walk ever even if I was drenched.

Have a wonderful Sunday whatever you decide to do. My vote is that you'll relax with a good book or some fun blogs.

Chris said...

Words I needed to hear today, m'dear.

Thank you.

Crystal said...

Ah, yes! Just go and be and enjoy, my friend!! Enjoy every bit of it :))

Jo said...

I Can tell you for sure Linds, that JD could learn a lot from this post. No matter what he is doing he is in a hurry to get there and be done with it so he can move on to the next thing on his mental list. He even commented all on his own the other day that he didn't know why he felt the need to be in such a rush all of the time. I think it is just part of who he is.

God love him....he makes me so tired though just watching him. I don't even try to keep up with him. He would be leaving me in the dust every time.

Enjoy your day Linds.

Linda said...

I absolutley agree Linds. Years from now it really won't matter if there were weeds in the garden, but you will have the sweet memory of time well spent.
We have been watching the British Open for the past couple of days - with all the spectators huddled together wearing winter jackets with hoods pulled up. It really is cool there!!

Linda said...

I confess that for a moment or two I actually envied you the cold blustery weather. One can get a bit weary of sunny days in the mid-nineties day after day after day...
However, I confess that the minute the temperature drops below sixty I turn into a total whiner. So I guess I'll have to be content with HOT for next two or three months.

Morning Glory said...

"A Simple Day" -- the very best kind! It sounds perfect.

Penless Thoughts said...

I've heard the expression "When is enough enough?" A question I think we need to ask ourselves often and on various levels, time, duties, money, etc.

Isabelle said...

Hi there. Sorry to read on my return from holiday that you're not restored to full Linds-bounce. But your lovely children have cheered you up - that's good - and that it certainly a lovely rose.

Yes, where is summer? I last remember it in 2006 here.

Dawn said...

I am very glad that you chose to not do anything that would hurt your knee more! Just "being" is such a good thing - why don't we do it more?? I often suffer from "should, would, ought symdrome" Great thoughts, as usual. I'm glad you got sunshine today. We could use some of your rain!

Lori said...

Wonderful post! I need to tell this to myself more often too. So many days are so crammed with stuff I gotta do that it ends so quickly and I didn't really take time to just enjoy the day.

We've gotten a big break from all the rain. We had so many wild thunderstorms all spring and early summer. The winds beat up my garden plants real bad. However, the weather here over the past several weeks has been so much calmer and my sunflowers appreciate that! So do I!