Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another quiet Sunday...

It is Sunday afternoon. No Bump yet. I think she is waiting for the weather to warm up a little. So am I. The Vindaloo curry didn't work. I have suggested cleaning the windows. Or a bumpy car journey. She is also trying the raspberry tea thing. I jump and my heart rate goes off the charts every time the phone rings. It would be true to say that I do need to do a little work on the patience thing.

I had a very lazy morning, I confess. That new feather and down mattress topper is responsible. It is a miracle I ever rose and got dressed at all, and that only happened because my neighbours started the chain saw going again at an unearthly hour. The trees at the back of my house, which provided a great screen and a lot of privacy, are all coming down. The houses behind mine (and half our road) have enormous gardens, and the owners are now building smaller homes at the bottom of their gardens, so the tall trees are going. They have to plant others as a screen, as part of the planning permission, but I am not sorry to see the leylandii going. I am also enjoying more light in the kitchen/family room too.

However, the sight of humans from my window is a little unusual. I may need to tidy up a bit around here. I have never needed blinds or curtains in this room before now. Hmmm. It just looks very strange at the moment.

Moving on.

Yesterday morning, I was up at the crack of dawn to go to a Women's breakfast at the church in the village. There must have been about 30 of us, and the speaker was a Parish Nurse. Very interesting. This village would benefit enormously from a Parish Nurse. The breakfast was divine too, and the tables were very pretty, with flowers, bowls of fruit, chocolate hearts and croissants, bacon rolls and most NB, loads of fresh coffee. I am not human until the first coffee of the day is in the system.

So that was a great start to the day. Jean came round to do some Cuttlebugging because she is down in Kent now looking after her Mum who is 90 and about to come out of hospital, so needed some projects to keep her amused. Jean, not her Mum.

And apart from the fact that I fell asleep in front of the TV at 8.15 and woke at midnight, having missed all my favourite programmes, I have nothing much to talk about today. Valentine's Day is never much fun if you are alone, so I am eternally grateful it is not a big deal here. And now I could do with some hot coffee, but I am snug under a blanket and have a recession heater on my lap and if I get up I will be cold. Choices, choices.

Because I missed church this morning, I am listening to the livestream from Oakhills Church in San Antonio. So excuse me.... I have some concentrating to do.

I will be back. Have a wonderful Sunday!


Barbara said...

Sorry to read that you are going to be overlooked when you have not had that before Linds.

Hope you do not have to wait over 2 weeks like we did for Oliver.

Your leg story sounds amazing - I do hope it works.

Dawn said...

The poor mum-to-be! It must be hard. So I see that I will not be winning the guessing game!

I would not like to have the trees cut down and be able to see the neighbors and vice versa. We all have fences around here, which are much less pleasant than trees. But we all had little kids when we built them and wanted them to not wander into others' yards - or the dogs.

Do you know The Bump's name? Not asking for a revelation, just curious if you know?!

Midlife Mom said...

Oh my, I just finished reading the leg procedure! I find things like that very interesting as long as it's someone else having the procedure and not me! :o) Do hope it gives you some relief and helps get this whole ordeal behind you.

Can't wait to hear when the Bump gets here!! I'm guessing Tueday morning at 4:13 AM! Hope she doesn't go way over like I did with mine. Two weeks, it was the pits, I was as big as an elephant, gained 40 pounds! Still trying to get some of that baby fat off, lets see, it's been 33 years.......

Linda said...

Linds - Oak Hills is just about a thirty minute drive from us - so you were sort of in my neighborhood. What fun!
Now I am certainly now recommending this by any means. It only shows how young and foolish we were. However, I was so late with our second son my husband thought a short motorcycle ride would speed things up. So off we went. Sure enough, the next day I went into labor. Now I don't know if it actually worked, but there you have it.
Have a blessed day Linds.

Joyful Days said...

One of the things I miss most about living in the country is privacy. I love having windows open, no blinds or drapes...There's a lot of other things I miss too. But I do get claustrophobic with people right next to my window. Thankfully they are the friendly sort! LOL!

Hope that little Bump make a big jump soon!!


Vee said...

Was in earlier today and got dad's 79th birthday so things were hopping.

So glad that you've had a quiet day because when the new babe arrives tomorrow just after noon, you'll not be getting so much rest. ;>

The breakfast sounded lovely. I remember Women's Breakfasts fondly. They're not done anymore...

So the big old trees are coming down and new ones will go up and you like the light. I think that I would like some light to reach me here, too, if some (a precious few) were judiciously taken out. But the sound of chainsaws makes me nervous.

Catch you later...

Anonymous said...

I think once in a while we all need a good mental health day - relaxing, reading, snuggling with comforters and pillows. Enjoy yours!

Susie said...

It's a lovely peaceful Sunday here too. It's raining gently and we have a nice fire going.
I think a day cozied up sounds just wonderful.
My DIL took some sort of herbal tea, but I really can't remember the name. It started her into labor that night. (She's a physician's assistant so knew what was safe)
(She also did a home birth!)
Little bump will arrive on her own timetable..

Needled Mom said...

How frustrating it must be for the mom to be! Remember those final days???? After the first one you are not nearly as eager to have the baby.

I'll bet it is nice to have more light in your rooms, but it would be an inconvienence to have to put up with lack of privacy.

This will be an exciting week for you.

Unknown said...

Ohh you poor thing. I don't know what we would do if not for our trees to block the view of..of..of..well you know..{{HUMANS}}. It is bad enough to have to see them in the winter when the trees are bare. I can't imagine if it were that way year round. In the summer time we could start a nudest colony and no one would ever know. Not that >>I<< would ever parade around in the buff, but it is nice to know that we could if we wanted to.

Judith said...

Linds, Sounds just like the slow and quiet morning you may need. Sorry you are losing privacy. Privacy, or sunshine; that is a hard choice.

Waiting for the Bump, now that's even harder. But soon, very soon, and then unbelievable joy.

The Oak Hills church program from San Antonio, Texas, I think that's where Max Lucado was/is the pastor.

Enjoy that cozy new comforter. Sounds exactly like what you need while you wait to meet your grand daughter.

In one of Barb's comments about we three amigos' (you, Mary and myself) Barb says we should form a bum knee club.

love and prayers, especially for the Bump. When she is older, she won't believe we all called her that.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Dang, my chosen time for the Bump to arrive has already passed, so I guess I'm out of the running. I feel for your DIL and I remember those last days, being so miserable and just wanting the pregnancy to be over and to have a healthy babe in my arms.

Soon, I pray, for all concerned.

We ended up going out for Chinese and then to a bookstore/coffee shop. All things considered it was a nice day, especially after I got my white chocolate mocha. ;o)

It's cold here too. We had sleet and snow flurries occasionally through the night and this morning, then it was windy, cold and partly cloudy the rest of the day.

I need one of your recession heaters right now. My feet are frozen chunks of ice!

Hope you're a granny sooner rather than later.

Love and hugs,


Mary said...

a nice quiet Sunday.... until ......the cyberspace stalker ....well....stalked!

I am feeling fairly confident I am going to win that bump prize. Very confident indeed!

Janine said...

I don't know quite how to tell you this but, ahem, (whisper) sex usually works for inducing birth. There, I've said it. Something to do with the hormones. How you convey that information to your son and daughter in law is entirely up to you!

Dawn said...

I finally did the interview - if you have time to come over - if The Bump hasn't made her appearance!