Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Zonked Post.....

This is the now regular zonked Thursday post. I am alive, and about to go and have a nap. The good news is that I managed to get the key in the door this week, and that there were not 127 keys on the key ring. And the triple-headed people are now double-headed. I appear to be getting more accustomed to the anaesthetic thingamewhatsit in the IVG.

This is good because HEY!! GUESS WHAT!!!! The joyous news is that I get to keep on having these treatments once a week for the foreseeable future. Oh, beam me up, Scottie. You better get used to the Thursday Zonked Post. It will be a regular feature here at Rocking Chair Reflections. Feel free to join in.

I even took a video of the worm and tourniquet thingy, but you know what I did, idiot that I am??????? I turned the camera on its side. So the video can only be viewed while lying on the couch. Otherwise, one develops a nasty crick in the neck. However, I will make another attempt next week seeing that I am being blessed by further treatments. They had better work.

I am yawning my head off here. Hang on...let me get some black coffee. Ahhhhh. I love coffee. Yawn.

Now for some newsy bits:
  • (Yawn.) My daughter has booked her ticket! She will be home for about a month in May! She is spending 3 nights in San Francisco on the way here, and a few nights in Hong Kong on the way home to NZ. But she will be here soon!
  • Oldest son had no sleep last night. Hmmm. (Yawn.) I wonder why? They are doing so well as new parents, and absolutely adore their little girl. They are calm, unflustered, and have infinite patience. (Yawn.) I am really so thrilled to see how they are loving being parents.
  • Younger son is going to see them this weekend, and have his turn at baby cuddling. (Yawn.) Maybe Granny can get there too??
  • My house needs deep cleaning. (Yawn.) I looked at it when I got home and groaned. Barb??? Can I be next on your list??
  • In just 2 weeks on Sunday, I will be at Bath for the intensive treatment. Hallelujah!
  • My car is being MOT-ed (compulsory annual check to make sure everything is in excellent order) tomorrow. I really need it to pass with flying colours and not be expensive. (Yawn.) Can one pray for cars?? I do believe one can. (Yawn.)
  • I am really sorry (yawn) I have not been commenting much the past couple of weeks. I am here people, I really am, but I am either falling asleep or rocking babies, and one handed commenting is exhausting. (Yawn.)
  • The (yawn) end. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Laurie in Ca. said...

Hey Granny:)

So glad to hear the treatment went a little better this time around. I am praying that each and every treatment brings your leg back to being great for you. How exciting to be seeing your daughter in May. Should you feel guilty for your son not getting sleep because he just gave you the most beautiful little girlie in the world? I think NOT. If you saw my house right now, you would gladly let me in front of you on the list for Barb!!! Praying for your car. Yes God hears us. Rest well dear friend and save your energy for rocking baby. It is the best therapy in the world. Love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Janine said...

Sounds like you are making progress with the dreaded treatment. Definately a good sign.

Vee said...

One must sleep when she can...

Yay for Auntie coming home and yay for getting another treatment completed and, oh my goodness, yes, cars can be prayed for and even receive healings so will pray to that end.

Sleep well, Linds...

Dawn said...

Okay, now I'm yawning - I don't even have to see someone yawning to start yawning - I just have to see the word! Or think the word!

You're amazing - you can make me laugh even when you're half asleep!

How exciting - May isn't far away.

Come around when you can! You're right, though - one-handed commenting is difficult - I sometimes try to comment with two extra hands that I'm trying to keep off the keyboard.

Susie said...

I hope you get some much needed rest. Have fun that your daughter is coming to visit :)

Midlife Mom said...

Have been catching up on your posts and saw that the precious little bundle arrived! She is just gorgeous and look at all that lovely hair. My grand babies were baldies for quite some time! So glad that you got to go visit her and rock her endlessly! That's what nana's are supposed to do!

Glad you got through another treatment and do hope you feel some relief soon. I was yawning all the way reading this post! lol! Like Dawn said just reading the word yawn makes me yawn.

So glad your daughter is coming home for a visit. You will have such a wonderful time together and I bet she will just pamper you to pieces! xoxox

Diane@Diane's Place said...

My prayer is that these diabolical treatments actually WORK and are worth all the aggravation and pain you're going through.

Good luck with the car inspection and hope you're able to spend the weekend with your little darlin' and your kids.

Love and hugs,


Mary said...

I left a comment this morning - it's disappeared!!!!!!

I am fairly sure it was filled with supportive comments and well wishes - oh yes - and an offer to come on over and help out in any way (I'll just get the coffee crawl started early).

Chat soon.

Rosaria Williams said...

We know you're busy and exhausted. It will get easier.

Barbara said...

Just catching u p with all your recent posts.

Proud Grandma especially. You certainly have a long list of things to tackle - where do I start you are thinking!

My deep cleaning has been put on hold while we do some decorating.

Thrilled for you that yur daughter will be home for a while. So much excitement.