Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sitting in the sun...

Guess what?? We are expecting more heavy snow tonight and tomorrow. And the last lot is still there in the garden as I look out the window. And as it melts, it is, of course, freezing, which means ice. I have physio at the crack of dawn too, so I hope I can get there.

I have been sitting in the sun in the lounge, reading a book on the Coromandel in New Zealand, and remembering the wonderful time I had there with my friend Linds when we were there. It is a stunningly beautiful and unspoilt place. Linds is there at their home on the peninsula at the moment, so I can imagine her visiting the places with now familiar names to me. They are having a beautiful, hot summer, and as I sit here with my poncho on and recession heater on my lap, I can be transported to a world far away. A warm world. Books can do that. Transport you.

Books are such a necessity to me. I cannot imagine not having them around. (And yes, Mum, I know all about double negatives!) I know you can buy e-books. Books to read with strange sounding devices. Audio books. And each have their merits, of course. But picking up and opening a book, smelling the newness of the pages, touching the paper, seeing the words, imagining the setting and then entering a new world and being caught up in the story....the real thing is so much more my style.

Do you ever sit and trawl through Amazon, looking at the books and finding ones you have heard about from friends, or read about in reviews in the papers? Do you toss them all in your wish-list like I do?? I have such fun now and then when I have the time. Every month or so, I go through the pages on the wish-list and delete lots, and re-think some, but it is a real comfort to me to know I have lists of books I still want to read. One day. It makes me smile when I click on the wish-list page and it says there are say, 4 pages to look at. Books which have captured my imagination for a while.

Wish-lists, at places like Amazon, are really dream lists. I am listing my dreams. Not dreams as in "last night I dreamt", but as in "I have a dream to be able"... like seeing the aurora borealis, visiting the Nordic countries, paragliding off a mountain, speaking fluent German, going on my grand blog tour, writing a book, visiting Prague for the music festivals...... you know what I mean. My Amazon list is like that. For future reference. Dreams.

Anyway, enough of dreams for today. My friend Jackie has just brought 3 books from bookclub for me to read, and one is the The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which I have been wanting to read. I can't think of anything better to do on a snowy day than to curl up with a new book.

I haven't been commenting very much recently - I am sorry about that, but I have been reading and will try to do better! The computer is in a very cold part of my home, and I need to be in the sun when it is out. And that brings us neatly round in a circle to the start of this post.

Have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!


someone else said...

I know what you mean about starting a new book. The anticipation is part of what makes the moment of opening the cover so exciting.

Enjoy your spot in the sun!

Prixie said...

What a beautiful new lay out. books are my life - they exposed me to a greater part fo the world when i was young and instilled a sense of exploration

Laurie in Ca. said...

I hope that sitting in the sun is energizing for your mind and spirit. Praying for a safe trip to physio today. I am starting to get back into reading. I quit for quite sometime as I do nothing else until the book is finished. Hoping your new granddaughter arrives soon and with ease:) We can hope, right? Love and Hugs to you today Linds.


Barbara said...

Sorry about your trip and the coffee spill Linds. That is so frustrating for you.
I visited a few times early in the week as I was sure you would have posted on the snow but I was surprised to see yu hd not posted at all at the time. I was hoping you were OK and I see you are.

Yes I like to scroll through Amazon but then think of all the time I have taken u p doing it.!

Come see what I got up to in the snow.

Love Barbara

K said...

I feel the same way about books and wishlists.

By the way, last night I made your carrot cake! We haven't eaten any yet, though, but it looks and smells good.

Dawn said...

I am glad you have a sunny spot to sit in -

My laptop keeps me warm when it's cold, and hot when it's warm.

I've been missing your comments - it's good to know there's a good reason!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

I love books but they can be an expensive obsession, not to mention that it's hard to cook and clean house while you're off on an adventure in the jungle or pioneering with Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Doesn't keep me from indulging in my obsession as often as I can though.

By the way, I'm sure you've explained what your recession heater is exactly in another post, but somehow I missed it. Could you please show a picture or give more details for me? I sure would appreciate it.

It's -5C here right now and I think I may be in need of a recession heater, whatever it is.

Power's been on without interruption for 24 hours plus now. Woo hoo! I may attempt a blog post soon.....



Unknown said...

I love your new look....!!!

I am a book nut and when it comes to those reading devices, they can keep them. I tried doing an audio book one time and I hated the whole experience. I want to hold the book and smell that special smell that only a book has. There just isn't anything like it.

We had more snow last night and I had to reschedule a Dr. appointment or today. I am now waiting for the UPS man to bring me my insulin. JD told me the walk way is solid ice under the snow and we need to stop Mr. UPS before tries to walk down it to the house.