Monday, February 16, 2009


I am still home. That means no Bump yet. The car is ready, and so am I. Sigh. Please come soon, little one.

I am a little restless at the moment, and can't settle down with anything. I get distracted, and pace. I can't read, or sew for long. I have cuttlebugged a great many things. I watched the trees out the window. The ones being chopped down. I looked at the walls and decided that they all need painting, but then I sat down again. Tried reading, and then did some exercises. Then paced a little, made coffee, and started to plan my new bathroom. In my dreams. Then looked at the walls and decided the painting needed to move, but sat down again. Started listing which veg to start from seed when, and then made a couple of phone calls.

You get the picture?

Yes. So obviously I have achieved a great deal today. A GREAT DEAL.

Oh I washed my hair. And dried it. And straightened it. Go, me. Hmph.

And then I crossed off all the names from the list for Monday. The "guess when" list.

Maybe tomorrow.


lakeviewer said...

You are definitely anxious. It will happen, and then everything will change.

p.s. Write a letter to this child, how his/her arrival felt all around.

Vee said...

Well is this any way for the grandgirlie to treat your dear friend from the Northeast USA? I am truly shocked!

Getting your hair washed and done is an accomplishment. A great one on such a day as this.

We must settle down and abide...just abide...seems as if your little grand is teaching us all this.

Susie said...

Waiting is so hard isn't it?? When our first grandschild was born, our daughter came to our house to labor. We then went to the hospital with her. She was a few days early, so that also helped.
I often find that if I start a project and get right in the middle of it, that's when I get interrupted.
(how about a large jigsaw puzzle??)
Happy waiting!!

Laurie in Ca. said...

Oh Linds,

I feel your restlessness and pray for patience for you as you wait. And your hair is clean and ready to go when you get the call. I agree with the others, write this little girlie girl a letter while you wait. It will take up some time too and be a very special keepsake to give her. I am praying it is soon.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Dawn said...

The letter to her is a fabulous idea - with your gift of words, it will be a definite keepsake. Then could you please share it with us??

Crystal said...

She will come when she is ready!! Can you imagine how her parents are feeling with all the waiting? And yes - you should write down your thoughts for her to read when she is grown and doing her own waiting. Your gift of words must be handed on to her, you know. ((( HUGS )))

Patience - have patience - don't be in such a hurry
When you get impatient you only start to worry
(lyrics from Bullfrogs and Butterflies, a children's Christian recording)

Needled Mom said...

So I guess that means that those of us who bet on Monday lost the bet already???? Boo hoo!

You need to find a project to get involved in and then the baby will certainly interrupt it.

I am still waiting to hear (as we all are.)

Chris said...

Oh dear, I haven't guessed yet! That's what's keeping her from coming, I just know it. :)

Put me down for 2/19 and 8 lbs. 6 oz. with bright red hair and a fiery temper to match.

And the verification word is "proasc," similar to prozac, which you may have to take before this is all over and done with, m'dear!

Mary said...

Please!!!!! Relax - I've already told you when she is arriving.

megstev said...

When's the next low getting to England? i.e. when is it going to rain and blow and be miserable... My feeling is that babies arrive when the pressure drops. Good luck with it all!

Joyful Days said...

Bump is obviously going to be a darling child with her own time frame. Doesn't she realize how many hugs and kisses are waiting for her outside?

Sending prayers for her speedy arrival!!


Jo said...

Just checking in to see if Bump has arrived yet.....

Well we do know one thing for sure. No one will accuse this little one of being a Speed Bump.
I am surprised you haven't already gone to the hospital and staked out claim on your chair and just moved in until Bump decides to make her debut. Hang in there sweety.

Linda said...

Oh I sympathize Linds. I envy those people who, when under stress, get busy and get amazing amounts of things done. I do just what you're doing.
Praying for a healthy baby and an easy delivery.