Thursday, November 04, 2010

And Thursday rolls round again......

4. The scent (and taste) of hot coffee on a blustery day in Autumn.

Not the best photos, but here are the first two cushions. Very autumnal! There is no other more appropriate way to describe the day than the word "blustery". The wind is swirling the leaves all over the roads, and it always reminds me of the day I brought Andrew home from the nursing home after he was born many moons ago. I still remember driving along the road and commenting on the leaves everywhere. Another time, hemisphere and yet the same season. And the memories remain crystal clear.

I have been helping Glynis choose a new stove/cooker today. That involved the very scientific collecting of cooking implements like cake tins from elsewhere in the shop, to see if they fit on the shelves next to each other. Forget the specs, we needed to know the cake tins would fit. we know what is important! After a while, I just happened to spy an iPad, so had a little play. Nice. Unfortunately the assistant had no idea how to find the internet. I wanted to see how easy it would be to post something on the blog etc etc etc. Flipping through the pages of A.A. Milne was sweet though. And playing the piano. So I had fun.

Thanks so much for all the Karo suggestions, people. If you have time, please email me the recipes! I will be trying them out, believe me. New recipes are like unwrapping presents. Great anticipation and lovely surprises.


Needled Mom said...

I like the autumnal pillows. I did a few for my couch this year too.

Yep...that is the only thing that matters when checking out a cooker or a refrigerator!! lol

Will send you a few recipes for the corn syrup.

Vee said...

Smart gals to see if the pans fit. Hope Glynis gets just what she really wants.

You want a divinity fudge recipe? It requires good weather. Do you have any? :D

Linda said...

I like them very much Linds. They are just perfect for autumn, and I particularly love patchwork. You are being very productive!

Crystal said...

I have some beautiful autumn fabrics because they are my very favourite colors and I can't resist them at 50% off! These little gems you created have totally inspired me to cut and sew today - after the last row of carrots is dug! I love sewing! How smart of you to make sure things fit before buying! Happy Friday - the last warm day we are likely to have for months and months!!