Monday, November 22, 2010

Doctors etc...........

22. Having a doctor who actually understands, and listens

I pop in to see my GP every now and then, at her request. We both know that there is nothing new we can try, but I keep her up to date with what I am feeling, doing, and experiencing, and she checks things like bp , whether I can walk in a straight line etc. She is the first to say we are both on a steep learning curve here, and she really listens and we both learn. So I am thankful she is around. Even if she is TINY and petite and makes me feel like a hippo. It was hilarious when she asked me to try a balancing thing, and moved to help me. I looked at her and grinned and thought - if I fall, my dear, you will be history. Squished flat.

Mother and I ventured in to the shops this morning, in pursuit of some warmer tops for her to wear, seeing that it is freezing and about to get colder. That was fun. Please tell me where the economic crisis is, because everyone seems to be buying masses of stuff wherever I go. I must be missing something somewhere. Tomorrow has been declared the "Wrapping Presents Day" in this house because I have no idea what we have or where anything is or who we still need to make/find things for, and this house will explode if anything else enters the doors. Order - I need some order. It is a vane hope, I fear.

Back to the doctor for a second - we agreed that a visit to the podiatrist to sort out something to stop my toes from curling, because pain makes you clench things, was in order. So I called the clinic. There is a 14-16 week wait. That, by my reckoning, makes it sometime in March. Just peachy.

What else can I tell you...... apart from the fact that I cracked my nail half way down the nail bed on Friday and have now invented a splint for it out of a lolly stick, taped on to the finger and covered with a finger roll bandage thingy. Just what you needed to hear, of course. This is an attempt to let the nail grow until it is long enough to cut. Half way down the nail bed is not a pretty sight. And it hurts like *(*&*(()!

The week is starting perfectly.

And on that note, I will end this babbling post, and go and make some coffee.


Visits With Mary said...

Oh dear, sorry about the nail..Coffee sounds great. hmmm, think I'll go put on a pot for myself. Have a great day ! !

Dawn said...

Oooh, that sounds so painful!! I am thankful you have such a neat doctor. I like mine, too - young, Christian, caring. I just don't like to go.

I haven't even begun to think about shopping or wrapping. Yikes! I'm kinda dreading the decorating thing this year with all the little ones around. I won't be putting much out this year, I fear.

Vee said...

Well my dear, I am so glad that you cracked the nail because I read "tail" and was having serious trouble imagining how you'd managed that on a bed of nails. Yes, I am tired. Very. Still, it does seem as if this will prove challenging at the very least. What about gluing it back together with some of that fancy nail glue?

Needled Mom said...

OUCH!!! I am in agony just imagining it!!!!

Yes, it does seem like people are out and buying more than last year. Maybe they just WANT things to be better.

Doctor visits - such fun!!!! I was with my mom for two of her appointments today. It is always such a joyous day!!! ;(

Dawn said...

I love your new Christmas look! I'm planning on a change on Friday.