Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The perils of perpetual motion......

A eureka moment, my friends.

Yesterday, I was Martha. Not Mary.

Today, I was Martha, not Mary.

Two days ago, I was Martha, not Mary.

And the day before, and the day before, and the day before.

It is that time of year. Rush. Rush, Rush. Brain on overdrive. To do lists. Not enough hours in the day. Appointments. Calls to make. In and out all the time. Scared to sit, because you will fall asleep, and if you fall asleep, you will forget something, or get behind.

In the basket next to my couch is a pile of things waiting to be done. Cards to write, lists. Lists and so many lists. Things demanding my time.

And I topple into bed exhausted, and wake with the brain in overdrive. News to listen to. Things to do. Places to be. More appointments.

And where is the "being", instead of the "doing"?


Where is the me?


What is the season we are preparing for?

Who are we preparing for?

What did He ask of us?

None of the above. Not one single thing.

It is so easy to get caught up in the maelstrom of trying to make Christmas the perfect time of the year for our families, friends, the wider community around us. So easy. Doing. There is nothing wrong with that, you know. But what is miserably wrong is when we spend the entire day focused on everything which takes away the moments of quiet. The time to sit and reflect. Time to listen. Time to read. Time to pray. To think. To give thanks.

Letting the mind slow, quieten, and rest. Tuning out the clamour inside the head.

So what if the meals are late, the lists not crossed off, the shopping not done. So what if the washing has to wait, the floors are not vacuumed, the silver not polished. So what of the house is a tip, and the presents not wrapped. Does it really matter?

What matters is putting The Reason right there at the top of each of the lists. And then starting each day with a thankful heart for just that - a new day. And asking Him to guide how you spend that day. The people - it is all about spending time with the people who matter. Not the presents. Not the paper. Not the ribbon. The people. Listening. Learning. Loving. Laughing.

Advent begins in a few days. Either it marks the start of a frenetic few weeks, or maybe we can make it the start, rather, of a slower, more thankful, prayerful time. We are surrounded by such multitudes of blessings. Family. Friends. Of course there are things to be done, and we will get the essentials sorted. But for me, it has to be a different way. Slower. More aware. Listening. Enjoying conversation. Enough of the doing. I want to savour life.

Martha needs to go on holiday, and let Mary take over.

24. Eureka Moments. Moments which make me stop in my tracks and re-assess the important things in my life.


Crystal said...

You are so very right!! I haven't done nearly as much as you have in preparation but I'm not going to stress about it. I want to enjoy the anticipation and the waiting as much as the actual day. And I agree that more aware, slower and thankful is the best way to approach His birth and the celebrations.

Prixie said...

have a lovely christmas and thanksgiving!

Olson Family said...

Thank You for this post Linds! I've been so "Martha" lately, I've not even had time to sit at the computer since last Tues.! other than to check emails quickly each morning. Having trouble finding 'Mary' as it seems there is just a lot demanded but it will pass soon - after next week, Whew! Sometimes we just have to find a few 'Mary' moments in the midst of our "Martha."