Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Crossing something off the list at last.....

16. Crossing something off the list. At last.

Almost. Well, I darned in all the ends of 60+ crocheted stars last night. And a doll's blanket. And pinned the stars to the floor and starched them. And this morning, I turned them and starched the other side, so they are almost done. They will be either decorations for the tree, or a garland. Maybe a garland. Almost. See? Something is getting there. Inch by very slow inch.

I also chose the thread to quilt the cushions for my friend this morning. In the light of day, when I could actually see the colours in my stash. I have a stash of just about everything now I come to think about it. Except gold spray. Maybe they will get done tonight.

Or maybe I will crochet more snowflakes. I wanted to starch the ones I made in the summer, and sew in the ends, and so help me, I seem to have misplaced the lot. So while I was waiting for Glynis at a hospital appointment this afternoon, I made 4 and a half new ones. Not enough, but I can't just have 4 and a half now can I??? I am sure the other people in the waiting room must have thought I was demented, occupying 3 seats with bag, instructions, wool and myself. Hook flying and guess what, I discovered that I talk to myself when I crochet new patterns. I repeat the instructions aloud. Mutter, mutter. Oops. It never mattered when I kept the hook and wool in the privacy of my lounge.

Jean has wrapped her presents already. I have most of mine, and would wrap them, but where on earth would I put them?? I do need to get everything out though, and see exactly what I have. As Jean said, once her pile was on the table, it seemed silly not to just wrap them then, so she did. I am not so organised.

The fog outside has not lifted all day, and it has had a chill which creeps into the bones. Damp cold. It was -3C earlier, and as Mum says, -5C is not as cold as this in Switzerland. She is right. But I am thankful we can get warm, with the heating, blankets, hot drinks and recession heaters. And socks and slippers, and......

We have yet to pop the hats on the head.

Sausages. I think we need sausages and mash for supper. Comfort food.

Excellent idea.........

(I just read this post. I sound totally scatty. Maybe I am at the moment. My mind is all over the place.)


Crystal said...

Oh, a garland of stars would be so lovely hanging right above my fireplace - I can see it now!! You should really have an Etsy shop, my dear. You are very organized with all your makings and gifts. I have big ideas but at the end of the day I am too tired to even think where to begin - so another day slips away. Must. change. that!! We are in the throes of winter here this week. It's supposed to go to -21 by Friday evening with daytime 'highs' of -15! Definitely comfort food weather :))

Needled Mom said...

Bangers and mash???? I'm on my way. YUM!!!!

You can't wrap presents yet because you would end up dusting them by the time Christmas rolls around.

Fran Hill said...

You already have all your presents bought? Oh my. Oh my.

Linda said...

I can't believe you are so far along with your Christmas presents! I haven't even really given it proper thought. I have this little plan of getting through Thanksgiving first and then plowing ahead to Christmas. I'm sure I'll regret not starting sooner.
I can't wait to see your little stars all ready to hang.

Thank you for your sweet comment Linds. I know you understand. We definitely will chat!

Olson Family said...

Just want to say how I've enjoyed reading your daily posts - so "giving Thanks for Linds."

Coats - check
Gloves - check
Scarves - check
Hats - not yet (with exception of daughter who leaves in the dark to catch train for school)

Stay Warm!

Janine said...

I am sooooooo looking forward to being there!