Sunday, November 14, 2010


Sunset last night was spectacular.
I was taking the rubbish out to the bin and happened to look up past the hedge, and dropped the bags and grabbed my camera straight away to try and capture the scene forever.

The sky was on fire.......

Absolutely beautiful. However, I am still waiting for the "shepherd's delight" part of today to begin. It is grey and cloudy and not sunny and bright. At all. But maybe later.......

I just re-read yesterday's post and there are so many typos, it makes me wince. Oops. Sorry about that. The chicken is roasting in the little oven, and there is a wonderful black cat patrolling my fence as I speak, hopefully on the trail of any random rodent who may think of spending the winter in my garden. Hello cat! You can stay as long as you like! I may even consider buying a can of cat food......

The closer we get to Christmas, the more things I think of that I would love to make. Oh, for the staying power of my youth. The shops are full of decorations, and when I take a good look at them, I think "Hmmmmmm, I could do that for next to nothing." Then I come home and add it to the ever expanding list, and there it sits. I have 4 cushions, 3 quilts and a wall hanging waiting to be quilted and bound. They have been there longer than I care to think about. Not to mention the crocheted blankets waiting to have the ends sewn in, the stars and snowflakes waiting to be starched. (Yes!!! I have finally got the starch!!) Dried sticks I want to spray gold...when I remember to get gold spray paint. I used the last lot on my dried aliums (i). A granny square blanket needing one more ball of wool to complete the edging. The wool is at MK. Not on my doorstep.

And so it goes. It may sound disorganised and chaotic. But it is a good feeling. Baskets of things to work on next to my couch. However, my couch and I have a slight problem. Every time I sit on it , I fall asleep. It has somniferous properties. Which means the sum total of things finished or started is around zero at the moment. And, back to the beginning, with Christmas approaching, this is not convenient. The list, as I said, keeps growing.

I am so full of good intentions.
14. Herbs growing in my garden

I have just been out to pick some parsley, sage and thyme. Then I chopped them up and popped them into the chicken with a chopped onion. Last night, I picked some rosemary to make a bed for the lamb to cook on. And as I look at the french doors, I see the chives, still there, waiting to be used. The basil on my window-sill is bought, I confess. Mine is over.

It may be cold outside, but my herbs are still growing, and I am so glad I planted them. In summer, I get so used to popping in and out with veg and fruit from the garden, but the harvest is over now, and just the herbs remain. The sage and the thyme are rampant, in fact. The mint is over for the year, but will pop up again in spring.

So easy to grow, and a reminder, when I cook, that fresh is best. I am thankful that I learned HOW to grow things. Heaven knows it took decades for me to become interested in gardening, and now, of course, it is bordering on an obsession. I just LOVE it.

Right. I may need to baste the parsnips. Have a great Sunday, everyone!


Needled Mom said...

I often look at things and think the same thought...I could make that!! I one time saw a stitchery that said. "I can make that, but will I?" and thought it summed it up perfectly.

There is nothing like fresh herbs when you cook and, yes, they are amazingly easy to grow. I think I can smell that chicken from here. Make sure to put a plate out for me!!

Olson Family said...

Stunning photos - what an amazingly creative God!

Fran said...

Wow! I love sunset pictures. And, the thing is, it so suddenly disappears, all that colour. Where does it go?!

PEA said...

Hello dear Linds, I'm finally back to blogging after my break to renovate the living room...I've posted pictures of it so come see when you have a chance:-)

Your sunset pictures are absolutely breathtaking, you really captured it well!

Oh yes, unfinished projects...I often say it's because there are not as many hours in a day as there used to be! lol

I love fresh herbs and grow a few during the summer months. I especially love fresh dill and summer savoury, yummm! xoxo

Dragonfly Dreams said...

I have always loved sunsets better than sunrises, and yours are exquisite! Thanks for sharing!