Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A challenge, and other sundry bits......

Somewhere, I think on Facebook, I saw that there is a challenge out to post one thing you are thankful for each day for November. Now, if you have been around here in recent years, you will know that this is the method I use to lever myself out of bed every morning in a mood fit for human interaction. I lie there, and think of at least 5 things I am thankful for, and it rather alters the temperament in a positive way and enables me to rise and grin. There is always something. At least 5 somethings.

So, I think that is a superb way to start November. Well, yesterday was the start of November - I know that - so I will post two things today. We don't have Thanksgiving here, of course, and even though I think the challenge was issued with Thanksgiving in mind, I still think it is universally appropriate with Christmas barrelling down the highway towards us at speed.

  1. I am thankful for the talents / knowledge I can share with friends when asked.
  2. Having enough. Of just about anything you can think of. Not lots, but enough.

I am challenging myself to remember to do this each day in November. 30 days. A doddle.

I am waiting for "a man" to come and tell me if I can have a letterbox fitted into my front door. Here in the UK, most letterboxes are slots in doors. However, we had a border collie a few years back, who thought postmen were spawn of the devil and wanted to eat their hands for breakfast. And the innocent letters they were trying to pop through the door. So the door was changed and an outside box installed. This works just fine unless you go anywhere, and then your poor long suffering friends have to pop round on a daily basis and remove the post. And the guilt sets in. So "the man" will tell me what is possible. It may involve a new door, and then the friends will have to continue the daily trek, bless their cotton socks, or I will have to stay home. Forever.

Jean popped in yesterday to learn how to cut out her first quilts - she is making two for her sons, and we had a really lovely time in my sewing room. I showed her how to use my cutting board and roller cutter, and then sat and quilted a cushion I am making while she rollered away, and we chatted about anything and everything. It is lovely to be creative with someone else, you know. My sister and I have a great time crafting together when she has time.

The man has been and gone, and a slot is indeed possible. He will send a quote. And for good measure, I asked for a quote for a conservatory out in the garden. Hahahahahahahahahaha. Hohohohohohohohohohoh. I need to buy a lotto ticket. But it will be good to know if it would be possible one day. I would love to have somewhere to sit and "be" in the garden when the weather is dire. This is England, after all!

So the day is moving along here. He told me I should have my heating on. The house is a trifle nippy, I admit, but that is what jumpers are for. I am a tough old bird. Or maybe I will go and visit someone in a warm house for coffee. Excellent idea. I am off. I will be back.


Needled Mom said...

It is always such fun to have a friend in the sewing room. The hours seem to fly. I am thrilled you have brought a new quilter into the mix.

Yeah for a letterbox!!! Now...that conservatory would be awesome. Keep buying those lottery tickets.

Dawn said...

Fun post, as usual. I have never quilted, and probably won't start any time soon - except for dozens of cathedral window pillow tops I made when I was young and ambitious and had good eyes. Glad you have a new quilting buddy. BTW, do you read Jennifer Chiaverini's books. If not, you'd love them. Not that you need any more books for your Amazon wish list!

Vee said...

No heat, Linds? Dear heavens! It's not good for the house, is it? Forget about you. :D

You are the Queen of Dire Pronouncements so I am glad that you have always done five gratitudes a day. I should. Because I am the Princess of Dire Pronouncements.

Linds said...

Queen of Dire Pronouncements????? Am I? Hmmmm.
Don't worry, Vee - the heating goes on in the evenings, and all is well!

Linda said...

I am pleased that everything worked out with the mail slot (I love the image of the dog and the postman!).
It really is delightful to do handwork with someone else. I love doing things with my Mom. I can picture the two of you chatting and working - lovely.
I hope the conservatory becomes a reality one day!