Sunday, November 28, 2010

Autumn moves into Winter here......

28. Safe travelling for those I love.

They are gone. And they are safely back home down south. Roads are icy around here and we don't have advanced things like winter tyres in these parts, so it is always good to know those you love get from a to be without problems. My house is very empty and very quiet.

I decided to keep moving, and packed away Autumn, and got out the red instead. So we are now in Winter mode. No tree up but cushions and snowmen and candles etc all in place. I looked at the winter wreath for the door which my sister gave me - it says "Let it snow". Hmmm. Maybe I should have left it in the box. The possibility of snow and freezing weather is apparently here to stay for the next 2 weeks at least, and the odds on a white Christmas this year have apparently shortened significantly.

Ah well, the lounge looks warm and cosy with the candles lit and the red around. I really want to put up the tree, and have the tree lights twinkling too. But it is still NOVEMBER for crying in a bucket.

For those who have asked, a Recession Heater is the same thing as a wheat bag. You know - those things you heat in the microwave and it keeps you warm, soothes aching extremities etc. Well, a couple of years ago, as the recession bit, I decided to make them for Christmas presents, especially when I saw you could use ordinary rice instead of the wheat. So I made them, and made covers from fleece, and embroidered things on the covers with my machine. I called them Recession Heaters, because the papers and TV here were concentrating on money saving measures. And I enclosed an instruction leaflet, telling the recipient to microwave etc etc, and then said " ....If all else fails and the Recession bites too hard, slit the bag and eat the rice." My friends loved them, and quite a few asked for more. So I try to keep the heating down, and use one in the evenings to keep warm, in an effort to save money and to be a little green too.

And there you have it - my recession heaters.

The tennis is on, and Federer and Nadal are playing at the O2 Arena in London. I want to be there!


Vee said...

Oh they've gone already, but then tomorrow is a new work week...

Happy decorating, Linds. I'm up to my elbows in it tree is up. I don't care a fig about it's being November. I need lights. :D

Those heaters sound like just the ticket and I happen to know that I have some spare flannel somewhere.

Stay warm and enjoy the tennis.

Isabelle said...

Glad you had such a lovely time with your family.

Christmas! Horrors - not yet!

Needled Mom said...

Glad that everyone made it home safely. That is a blessing and a relief.

I am putting autumn away today too and bringing out some Christmas things. It seems to take longer each year.

Crystal said...

Safe witner travels are also on my list of prayers. There have been some serious accidents here in the last few days, which makes this mama worry more.

I've started using one of those heaters when I go to bed. Seems to help the muscles and warms the toes! Happy decorating - I got a fresh wreath and a poinsettia at the local greenhouse last night and I took down the harvest things today. Tomorrow I may get out the Christmas dishes and on Tuesday we have a Christmas program for ladies at church. We are preparing for His coming!

Becky said...

I have one of those heaters, too, and it gets used often. It usually works wonders on my back or neck.