Friday, November 12, 2010


12. Mums

Specifically my Mum. Well, I only have one, don't I, and although I am a Mum too, it is different. Today, my Mum is 85, and so help me, I struggle to keep up with her. Marge and I see her as an amazing blessing to us and our family.

What would we do without our mothers? How many children round the world go to bed dreaming of having a mother to love them and cuddle them close? It is all about that mother love - the unconditional love which means that although we may not always like what they do, the love remains constant and deep, and unquestionably there. The knowledge that no matter what I may ever do, at least my mother would still love me. Believe I was beautiful. Unwavering. Belief. Trust. The smile from the heart, visible in the eyes.

What a joy. What a privilege. (Oops I just forgot to wrap one of Mum's presents and give it to her - hang on a sec.....) How fortunate I am. We are.

I can't stop thinking about Ann and the ducks. (If you haven't read it yet, go to yesterday's post and follow the link.) The lengths a mother will go to to protect and nurture her young. The pain she will endure for them. The care lavished. The constant giving, without question of getting anything in return. Going without willingly. Teaching. Watching over. Guiding. Setting examples. Disciplining. Loving. Always the loving.

We will skip over the dirty washing, taxi service, chef and banker roles here. We all know there is a Dark Side to Everything, don't we, but for this post, we are looking at the beauty of our Mums. Mine yelled too and, I am sure, was convinced we were growing up into hooligans at times, I am thankful to report. She is human and not perfect, just like all of us. I can't imagine anything worse ..... good grief if my mother had been perfect, I would have given up 30 years ago and gone into a nunnery somewhere in desperation. Or dug myself a hole.

But she is human. Oh the relief.

However, if asked, both Marge and I would say without hesitation, that she is the perfect Mum for us. We could not imagine life without her. HER. No-one else. She got it right. She loves us without question, and did everything I said above. No-one else could come close. And she has been here all our lives, and will be for decades to come if we have anything to do with it. Thankfully, she comes from a long line of indomitable women who lived a long time. My Gran was almost 93 when she died, and a great-great aunt was 104.

Phht. A doddle. 120 should be easy then.

At least.


Needled Mom said...

Beautiful post about your appreciation for your mum. 120??? And....what does she think about that idea??? My grandmother died at nearly 104 and my mom is soon going to be 89. What does that mean for us???

Lisa Marie said...

Awe your Mom Sounds so special. Happy Birthday to her from me!

Edith said...

Neat post. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday to her.

Dawn said...

As, I said before today, I would love to make her acquaintance! I'm glad she's still so prevalently in your life.