Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

First of all this Thursday morning, Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends, wherever you may be around the world! I hope today is a wonderfully happy family day, and that you all find many things to be thankful for.

I am hoping that my son, his wife and my granddaughter may come up this weekend. The weather is not really co-operating, but I have high hopes that any white precipitation will stay away. Weather men in these parts don't usually get things right. Much.

So, in anticipation of a possible visit, I have been cleaning. Oh heavens. You do not want to know. Because of the wrapping frenzy, now complete except for a couple of things, the house is in need of an industrial cleaning crew. At the very least. And all of a sudden, it seems to be even more overflowing with stuff than usual. I have plans for the slow cooker in the morning, and if they are coming, there will be much movement of things like cots and high chairs, and washing of linen going on around here. A stair gate will be needed (thanks, Glynis!) and the toys will be unearthed.

All this, may I add, with a grin on my face, because it is a long time since I saw the little one who is not so little any more, and loves drawing. I can't imagine a better way to spend the weekend - watching and playing with a little granddaughter. Well, if my other children were here too, it would be absolutely perfect, of course.

25. My Dyson. And hot water.

You know, I take so many things for granted. It is just a year ago that I had a vacuum cleaner crisis, and I tried out numerous ones, and I may as well have sat on the floor and picked up every speck by hand. Until the Dyson arrived, courtesy of Andrew and Ann. My old one had died, and I knew how good it was, but the new one with the ball is even better. It actually really cleans, and for that I am ever so grateful.

What did people do before vacuum cleaners were invented? I have had one all my married life. When my mother got married, she says they had a carpet sweeper, and then a vacuum cleaner later. I remember carpet sweepers. And brooms. Those were the days before fitted carpets. And they worked. I have no idea where the carpet sweeper stored the junk it picked up. Mum?? The Dyson does not even attempt to hide the junk. Oh no. It is there for the world to see, and for me to cringe every time I empty it. How can one home get so grubby? Don't answer that.

Mother reliably informs me that there was a release thingy on the carpet sweeper, which you used to press, holding said carpet sweeper over some newspaper, and the junk fell out. I don't remember that bit. Mother does, and thoroughly enjoyed the arrival of her first vacuum cleaner, which was brown and heavy and round.

Ah, I am very glad I was born when I was. We will not mention twin tub washing machines at this point. And remind me to tell you how to make toasted sandwiches without the use of a toasted sandwich maker some time. (From before they were invented aka The Dark Ages.)


Fran Hill said...

The problem is with the toasted sandwich maker - it needs such complicated cleaning! It's so much easier not to use it, and yet toasted sandwiches aren't the same without it. Sigh.

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Linda, thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! Do enjoy your wonderful visit!

The Bookworm said...

I remember carpet sweeprs! These days I love my Henry Hoover. He has personality. We somehow managed to avoid the twin tub. My mum had a top loader bought in 1959 that survived into the 1980s. No other washer has matched up to it, in her opinion.

Barbara said...

My Dyson with the ball has been a godsend. Have the small one which can be carried upstairs with one hand and does not break ones back to use.