Monday, January 10, 2011

And then......

And then you go home.

Home to start taking down the obviously Christmassy things, leaving up all snowmen etc out because it is COLD and WINTER and SNOWMEN are not Christmassy.

And then you fall into your bed trying to forget the wheelchair episode and the delayed flight, and sleep till 9am.

And then you get up and head down south to see your sons, daughter-in-law, and your little granddaughter for the weekend, and you hear all about Christmas, and the fun they had together and you open presents just arrived from Diana in New Zealand.

And sleep.

And you watch the little girlie play and dance and sing and you read a story or 2 and help do an (impossible) puzzle for toddlers.

And you see your youngest son back to uni, hear all his news, and hopes and dreams (well some of them), cut his hair, and clean half his kitchen. Be a Mum.

And then you watch your daughter-in-law attempt the new Keep Fit programme for the PS3 and you all fall about laughing at the end when it says "you have worked off 82 calories" and reach for a snack instead.

And you sleep.

And you come home via Ikea because there is a 50% sale off their sofa covers, and yours are cream, and the sofas are guaranteed for 20 years, and OH YES you will need new covers.

And you get home, and carry on taking down Christmas, while opening all the cards waiting for you. And the gifts too.

And you sleep.

And you have coffee with great friends, and then you sleep some more, only sleep would be better without the appalling cramp in your leg.

And so normal life returns in this place where there are no mountains, where it is COLD and where I have Stuff To Do.

Thank heavens for friends.

But I miss my family. I miss the mountains.


Vee said...

Just keep on visiting your former post and soak them up. I plan to.

Wow! I am truly exhausted by your life. It sounds alternately delicious and on overdrive. :D

We shall get to see the slipcovers on the furniture, right? And shall we get to see the entire process from start to finish because I'm thinking I could use a good laugh and, unless your dil is willing to have her exercise routine shared with the entire world, this would just fit the bill.

Hugs to you, Linds! Glad that you are safely home.

Needled Mom said...

Whew....I am tired just reading all that you have done! It sounds like it has been a whirlwind few days for you. I am glad the journey back was a safe one for you and that you were able to enjoy some fun times with your family.

Lisa Marie said...

You have had a lovely time of it Linds. Glad you are home safely and have wonderful memories to remind you of this holiday.
I had a good laugh when I read about the 82 calories, so true! Just have a snack and be done with it!!
Have a super day.

Stripeyspots said...

Welcome home Lindsay.

Mary said...

You are a busy gal ! !
That good cup of coffee shared with friends sounds so nice...I always enjoy those kind of outings!

Mary said...

You are a busy gal ! !
That good cup of coffee shared with friends sounds so nice...I always enjoy those kind of outings!

Crystal said...

I knew you must be on your home because there were no posts for a couple of days! And I thought of you and your beloved mountains while I watched some skiing from Switzerland on the weekend. This morning we are in a winter wonderland and the school busses aren't even going because of the drifts.

I'm sure it was good to see your family again! And share time and laughter and presents and food and more time! I'm looking forward to seeing the slipcovers and the new buntings (red and white would be perfect!). And of course when you come, we shall go to the mountains and just a little further on through the pass we will find the quilt shop and we shall spend an hour or two there (not a measly 30 minutes like I had - but perhaps that was a good thing because I certainly found enough to get even in that short space of time!). And just across the street, is a lovely coffee shop and roasting factory where Kicking Horse coffee (a fair trade company) is packaged - and they even have a restaurant! I do hope you know that you will have to stay a month or two to get in all the things we want to do!
((( HUGS )))

Isabelle said...

Welcome home. I see you've been sitting around idly as usual.... ahem.

Donnetta said...

Wow! Sounds like you have been busy.

I do the same thing... put away the Christmas things but leave the snowmen out for just a bit more. :-)