Monday, January 24, 2011

Back from Bath.........

So I am back from Bath and the visit to the experts at the RNHRD. (Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases - a mouthful at the best of times.) And I am weary. It has been a long day, and for some reason known best to them, my appointments were 3.5 hours apart. Glynis, Peter and I had time for lunch and a wander round the shops. I do love Bath. It is just the right size for me.

They are pleased. The word is "shift". There has been a noticeable shift. Probably in my attitude more than anything. Remember my word for the year? Quiet. Well, the crux of it all is that even with my formidable will and determination, I am not one of the 10% who get rid of CRPS. And after 2.5 years, I am starting to accept that, and focus rather on the ways to minimise it's effects on my life.

The fact that my hair has stripes, a new style, and I was wearing a classy new gold coat and looked quite different also helped, I think. And so I now have more exercises and instructions which will be difficult to conquer, but the will is there. A small bit of that steely determination remains.

I go back to see them in July. And the word "pacing" cropped up again, and "relaxation techniques" made a few appearances as well. Sigh. I know all the theory, you see, I just don't practice it. It is far simpler to pick up another how to book and read about it, or research it instead of actually doing it. I know, I know. I am an idiot. I am going to be good.

The Kindle idea came up too, and it was very interesting to hear what they had to say. Apparently it is used by quite a few of the patients, because it is one thing. One page, instead of a whole book, and you can't see what has been or what is to be, and the number of pages is not relevant either. Apparently changing the font and colour of the background can also work. So it looks as if a Kindle could be in my future. If it helps, then that would be great. Anything that helps the focus or concentration would be a real asset. We will see.

Changing the subject entirely now.................

Do American children generally sleep in double beds? Big adult size beds for more than one person? I ask, because so many of the photos I see of children's rooms on blogs have double beds in them. Here they sleep in single beds when they grow out of their cots (cribs) and only have double beds when they are adults. It is the same in most places, like Europe, SA, Aus and NZ. I wondered if it was because the houses in the States are so much bigger? Don't they have bunk beds? (2 beds on top of each other, which provide endless possibilities for forts etc!) Hmmmmm. Just wondering. It seems strange to me, you see, the idea of little kids in huge beds, and how on earth do they learn to make them??? They are so big!

Anyway. As you can see, the mind is leaping all over the place tonight. I need to go to bed because I was up at 4am with an unfortunate attack of "you have eaten something which disagrees with your insides". Which means that I had approximately 3 hours sleep last night. So it is just as well I had friends to take me to Bath, because I dozed on the way there and on the way back.

I am getting old.



Stripeyspots said...

I'm glad you're doing well!

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Linds, yay for you!

And - some American children enjoy double beds. My sister and I shared one until an older sister moved, out and then we both had our own big bed. It was quite a pleasure stretching out in an "X" while sleeping until, of course, we both got married! Many American children have single beds too, as it depends on the room configuration. Both my step-daughters had single beds in our basement.

Crystal said...

I'm glad your appointment went well and that you had friends to go with you. Interesting about the Kindle! It seemed to me that the pages had to be 'turned' so often because the screen is not very big but changing the font size might be a helpful thing sometimes. I know the newest ones can display color which might be better / more fun than just B &W.

Beds - as a child I shared a double bed with my sister but nowadays shared beds for kids are not so common. Most kids I know have twin or single beds and families with more than 2 children often use bunkbeds. Blake just moved into a big bed that is one of the bunks taken apart / down for now. He loves it! I think there's a huge variation probably. Side note - Bob and I still share a double bed, unlike many couples who have kingsize beds now!

Linda said...

Well, I think there is encouraging news in all of that Linds. I can identify with you. I am a star when it comes to reading things and a total failure at living out what I've read. However, I can hear that determination in your voice, and I think you will do well.
Beds - our kids all had single beds. Our grandchildren have bunk beds - all except the oldest who has a double bed so that when Papa and Grandma come to visit they have a place to sleep (she hauls the air mattress up to the media room and camps out there, sweet girl).
Get a good night's sleep!

Vee said...

I had a double bed because I got the boot whenever company came. Yes, my bedroom was the guest room. My grands have twin beds. I don't think my son has extra room for guests unless they want the sofa.

So nice to read that there's been a shift, a change, and that it is a good thing. How interesting about the Kindle. I'll be waiting for your further review.

Needled Mom said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a good report from Bath. I am with you in that I would much rather "read" than "do" something.

Most kids do sleep in single beds here. My sister and I shared a double for a number of years until we got our own beds - singles!