Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Not depressing round these parts......

Today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. Really? Apparently so. And here it was certainly grey damp and depressing enough if you looked out the window. But I gathered up my crocheting, stuffed it all in a bag and popped over to see Jean, who had sent me text saying that her wood burning stove was roaring away, and that I was welcome to join her.

I needed no encouragement at all. I was there as fast as possible.

And so we whiled away this grey day, sitting in front of the fire chatting, and working on our projects. She was quilting some cushions, and I was working on the stripey scarf. Do I need another scarf? I think not. But I have wool and time and a crochet hook.

The grey day vanished. The room was alight with laughter and warmth, and then, after a lunch - I brought fancy bread rolls and she had some delicious soup - she made fresh scones for tea.



Today has not been depressing at all. It has been good. I have "paced" myself and have relaxed. And a wood burning stove has moved right to the top of the wish list. Believe me, it is a delight.

Keep warm, wherever you are!


Linda said...

It sounds so delightful Linds. How can one be depressed with such blessings? I think you are making a very good start on this quiet, slowing, cherishing the moments "quest."

Crystal said...

It sounds like a simply lovely day! I love when our fireplace is burning and there's good food to share after crafting :)) It's a balmy +5 here this afternoon - a big chinook blew in and is giving us a taste of spring. It won't last long, I'm sure!

Donnetta said...

This sounds like quite the perfect day! Relaxation, fire, and togetherness with a friend. Yes... quite perfect!

I'm glad you had it.

Dawn said...

It sounds so cozy and wonderful!