Friday, January 21, 2011

How to have a fun Friday.....

Weather report - colder.

Well, my friends....if you have not seen The King's Speech yet, GO!!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed it. It is superb. Absolutely superb, and Colin Firth is amazing. I came close to leaping to my feet and cheering at the end - after holding my breath and clenching my will understand if you have seen it. You really need to go. This is one movie I will be ordering on DVD and watching over and over again. And my admiration for the King has grown immeasurably. Such courage and determination. But I need to stop babbling.

I was lying in bed (late) this morning - it was warm and I had no desire to emerge, when the phone rang. A friend wanted help with a curtain that was not working. What isn't working, I asked. The pressure bar at the top is disintegrating. What????? Pressure bar???? Huh???? I know I was still half asleep but even then I knew curtains did not have pressure bars. Well not the ones in question because I remember sorting these particular ones out years ago. So I crawled out of bed and even skipped the coffee to go and see what the problem was. Heading tape. Give me strength. Pressure bar. Hah. The heading tape had fallen apart. However, it is not urgent, and it can wait. Pressure bar.......mumble mumble.......

However, the coffee was good. One look at me, and coffee was being poured. Excellent.

And so my day began.

I went to the first singing rehearsal last night, and it was fun. We murdered the first part of Les Mis, but it was just the first rehearsal after all. And Blood Brothers has some unbelievably high notes. I am a little rusty, so did not attempt them. I mimed. I am a genius. I will get there. Hopefully, before the actual performance.

And today has consisted of laundry. Linen. Bedding changed. Dishes. Counter tops. Thrilling stuff.

And grovelling on the floor.

You know when you overstuff kitchen drawers, and then the bottom one won't shut? Because the entire contents of all the drawers is now behind the bottom drawer, and you have to shove your arm over the drawer and down the back, risking amputation, and causing all manner of grazing and bruising in the process while muttering dire imprecations at the same time??????? That kind of grovelling. I can't think how I have managed to live without scone cutters, 485 tea towels, cellophane bags, plastic bags, tin foil, black bags, fish slices and a sweet thermometer all this time.

Half an hour later I got up. The drawer now closes. Linds's achievement of this, the 21st day of January 2011.

Top that one then.


Becky said...

That one cannot be topped. You always make me smile, if not laugh.

At the end of the movie when we went, the audience actually did applaud when it was over. Fabulous movie.

Laurie in Ca. said...

This cracks me up Linds. My drawers, all four of them are that way and I can find the darndest things. Never fish slices though:) I want to know how they get to weighing 50 pounds with all that little stuff in them. Have a great day sweetie and love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

PS. The word verification below is frappids. That must be what weighs so heavy:)

Janine (txmomx6) said...

LOVED that movie, too. So, so good.
Were you able to order the book? I got mine in the mail today so it reminded me of you.

Needled Mom said...

I can't wait to see it. It sounds great.

Now....that was one exciting Friday for you. Want to come clean out my drawers too? I can offer you a little warm sunshine AND coffee.

Crystal said...

Now that's a real wakeup call for you! I have a set of drawers like that too but it's the junk drawer, the recipe book drawer and the placemats and napkins drawer. Eventually everything's all mixed up but I can just pull them out and scoop up what's slid behind. Thanks for the movie recommendation - I've been wanting to take a friend so this might be the one for us. Happy Weekend to You!

Edith said...

Thanks for the laughter. Glad you enjoyed good coffee with that. And I have those drawers as well. The treasures are fun...usually.

Have a great day.

Fran said...

Really want to see The King's Speech. Haven't heard one bad thing said about it. But then ... Colin Firth .... nuff said.

Dawn said...

You always make my day better, my friend.

I don't do movies, but have been trying to figure out a good one to go to because we were given a gift card for Cristmas for an evening out sans kiddoes. I've heard so much about this movie here in cyberspace, and think it must be the one.

The Bookworm said...

Absolutely 100% agree about The King's Speech. Excellent.

Midlife Mom said...

Sounds like that was a great movie. I usually wait until they come out on dvd or On Demand so will be watching for this one. I watched a movie last night that was downright stupid and then I thought, who is the stupid one, I sat and watched it!!!

Love your posts, this one cracked me up!!

Olson Family said...

Your post made me giggle - just cleaned out the tea towel drawer under the fridge myself as it wouldn't shut last week.
Thanks for the movie review - I may actually go see it in the theatre!