Thursday, January 20, 2011

It is Thursday.....(I am out of snappy titles today)

Weather report - it is cold.

I am wearing the "laptop gloves" my sister gave me for Christmas, only I can't see what I am typing. Never will the spellchecker have been needed more..... Now if only it would actually put capital letters where they should be, all would be hunkydory.

I had a couple of lovely email conversations with blogging friends about the excitement of Going Out To See A Movie and am reassured that I am not the only one who last went out to see Mama Mia. And in the course of to-and fro-ing emails, I came to realise an underlying problem I have refused to consider. Until yesterday. And just at the point where there was no place to hide, and I needed to think, the doorbell rang. And did not stop ringing for the rest of the late afternoon and early evening.

It was the Apple Dumplings. I swear the gorgeous smell of them cooking wafted over this village and the next and drew people through my door and straight into the kitchen and in 5 seconds, they were clutching bowls with forks, and my Apple Dumplings are ALL GONE.

It was clearly a sign that I was not to go and buy the ice-cream or eat them all.

I did manage to drink more coffee than any human can contain. (I use that word advisedly....) I spent most of the evening getting plenty of exercise as I hobbled at speed to the bathroom. Oxymorons go down well here.

I am a trifle distracted now. Between the last 2 paragraphs, the doorbell rang and it was someone wanting to sell me block paving. I think not. Followed by the postlady. Followed by the tumble drier informing me that the bed linen was ready to put back on the bed. That meant a trip up the stairs, which I usually try to avoid like the plague. (Just for the record, it is not possible to make a bed, and stuff the duvet in the cover wearing gloves. I just found out. Then left the glove on the sheet under the duvet.....) And that meant I saw the dust. And the wastepaper baskets needed emptying....and I found the half full cup of coffee I lost......

You see my problem. And I can't remember what I was going to say other than that the sentence started with "M". Helpful.

So I will return when the memory kicks in. Which will probably be half way through the movie in a darkened cinema. Maybe I should take a torch.


Linda said...

Clearly, a visit with you is just what I needed. I am smiling and thinking that you are just delightful.

SoulDragon said...

Here, here! A lady after my own heart! What an entertaining read, and, sorry, I don't believe that you are really IT challenged! Your page is fabulous! How'd ya get all the thingies on the side...very techno, and I just love the crafty borders! Will visit often...

Midlife Mom said...

If I hadn't just had a big piece of Son's birthday cake with ice cream I would go make some of Ree's apple dumplings! My g-daughter and I love to make those but like you said they do have a gazillion calories and I enjoy every single one of them! I need a drool bib......

Love the pattern of your scarf, very pretty and soft looking. I wish I could get out of my funk and get back to sewing and knitting again. The sewing room calls my name but the sofa is louder and usually wins out!

I had not heard of Ann's blog until this week. I was spellbound reading her words of faith and wisdom!! I wonder if we can get the book here, I must check and see. I think it is one of those books that we all should read and read and read.

You have spring flowers coming up?!!!! We are just getting into our really cold wintery weather. In the single numbers this weekend, I can see there will be no snowmobiling for me!

Great posts as always. :o)

Edith said...

I am laughing...sitting in the shop office again checking blogs and email. Your post made me laugh...thanks.