Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Frustration and a pruned tree.....

Today I tried to order Ann Voskamp's book. If you haven't heard about it, go immediately and order it from Amazon. It is called One Thousand Gifts. It is a book you will cherish, believe me. I have been reading Ann's blog for years, and she has the kind of heart which fills me with awe, and her gift with words is just simply amazing.


Suddenly Amazon UK has a little note saying "We do not know when or if this book will be available". WHAT???? Are they losing their minds??? I want to buy it! Gee thanks. So I popped over to the Book Depository, and suddenly it is UNAVAILABLE there too.

These are not words I want to read. I can get a Kindle download. If I had a Kindle that would be PEACHY. And YES I AM YELLING. Do I need a Kindle? Are they good? Should I get one? Anyone got any views?????

So much for serenity.

And now for a change of subject......

A good friend of mine popped round today and pruned my apple tree. I now have a shorn tree, and as this is the first time it has ever been pruned (who knew you were supposed to prune trees???) one hopes it will not die of shock and that it produces a bumper crop of apples in due time. And I now have a nice pile of kindling for the chiminea in the garden too. (As she quickly adds "prune apple tree " to the "to do" list, and then crosses it off...)

When he arrived, I was about to start on a new fabric related idea, so my sewing room is in turmoil, because instead, I had to abandon all thought of resting or waving the scissors around, and vacuum the house. And clean floors. Gardens at this time of the year are messy places. He also moved the old growbags to the front garden for me, so the beds there could get a little new soil.

So, bending from the waist, I scooped out the soil and tossed it on the flower bed. It took a long time, and the hair was all over the place, and the jumper was falling over the head. Not a pretty sight. I deliberately ignored any passers by, rather like an ostrich. If I can't see them, they can't see me. Of course. The daffodils and other spring bulbs are starting to pop through the ground, so the signs of spring are there if you look closely. Once that was done, I resembled the Hunchback of Notre Dame, and could not move. Great.

So, after a rest of sorts, I went to pay the bills, and then for some light relief, popped into Hobbycraft to see if they had any bargains. I had great fun filling the basket with all sorts of things and then emptying it as I walked around, and ended up with the needles I went for in the first place, a 2B pencil (for the singing - the only pencil allowed for notes on the music books) and a tag maker on sale. But it was fun anyway.

And, after popping in to see Jean who is back from Kent, I came home and here I am. THWARTED, I tell you. I wanted to order the book. Now. Aiyaiyai, the patience still needs a lot of work I feel. Calm. Quiet. Peaceful. Non-combative. Accepting.

I have a long long way to go.


Janine (txmomx6) said...

I bought a copy yesterday from www.dayspring.com
You might try there.

Anonymous said...

I adore my Kindle! Considering I spend at least 6 hours on trains every other weekend getting to and from my boyfriend's house, it really is brilliant. I have enough stuff to carry as it is, and this way I never have to um and aah over whether or not to add a big book to the pile!
Also fantastic for holidays - leaves more room/weight allowance for cameras!

Kelli said...

I just bought two copies, so email me your addy and I will mail it to you when it gets here!

Crystal said...

Linds, order it from Dayspring this week. The price is lower than Amazon I think. I'm looking forward to discussing it with you - and everyone else!

What do you mean the flowers are starting to grow??!! It's January for heaven's sake! We are buried under 2+ feet of snow and nothing (I repeat, nothing!) will be growing for at least another 3 months. I really need to consider moving or at least spending the next 3 months somewhere else! Rest well, my friend!

Linda said...

I see you've already been given the word about Dayspring Linds. If that doesn't work let me know. I called our local Barnes & Noble, and they are getting it in the end of January. I'm going to get mine then and I could get one for you too and then send it on its way across the pond!
They will be doing a book club on Ann's book at (in)courage too - beginning in Feb. I think it will be really good.
So...let me know.

Dawn said...

So why do I not know who Ann is??

I commented on the benefits of pruning on FB. Hard, but necessary!

I wish I could sing in the choir with you!

Needled Mom said...

I'll bet that apple tree was a big job if it had not been pruned before. You will love it with it's new look come spring and summer, not to mention the nice apples you will get.

I love my Kindle. I like how everything is downloaded immediately so there is no waiting for the shipping.