Saturday, May 07, 2011

That was the week that was......

Another week has whizzed by. This is becoming the norm. The whizzing bit. David is back at uni for his final exams, and Missy and I got to play for a few hours too. She has now started taking photos. Her parents gave her their very old digital camera, and that I suspect was fine for a day. However, as soon as she saw MY camera, that was the one she wanted to use, so I have some rather random photos on it at the moment. Feet and rear ends feature prominently. Heads....not so much. But she had a good time. I will have to clean the lens, because all photos seem to have a finger in them. A little cute finger.

And last night it finally rained. One nearly had to consult the history books to see what that wet stuff was, falling from the sky in droplets. I can't remember when last it rained, and today is showery and very humid, and I have just planted out most of the gigantic things which have been growing on my window sills. They have been out in the garden for a couple of days to get used to weather. When one's courgette plants in small pots are developing flowers, it is time for them to head for the garden. If they die, I will plant more seeds. But they need to vacate my house. I need to be able to see out of my windows.

Yesterday was the day for my long awaited podiatry appointment at the hospital. Well. I have been on the waiting list for over 6 months, which has not amused me at all. So Jean and I whizzed off to town, and when we got there, the clinic had been cancelled. Acerbic. I was very acerbic. there may have been mention made of the fact that it was a beautiful Friday afternoon, and how nice for the clinician to be sunning him- or herself in the garden. And they had to have known for a good while, because there was a physiotherapy clinic running in the place which the podiatry clinic should have been.

So that was useless. Next appointment available is in 11 days. At a different hospital. Because my leg hurts, I clench my toes, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to straighten them. This is why I need to see someone who can make something to stop them curling, because will power no longer works. Oh well. I wonder if this one will be cancelled too. Never mind the petrol costs, inconvenience etc etc etc.......

We also had some local govt elections this week. Choice was minimal, and I was tempted to scrawl "none of the above" on the ballot sheet. We also had a referendum on whether to change the voting system. I gather it is staying the same - first past the post.

So I think one can sum up the week as one where the Grumpy Old Woman reigned supreme around here. To crown it all, I went to the local supermarket, and completely forgot the pin number for my card. Totally. I still can't remember it. I am losing the plot. I will have to go into the bank where they will be able to retrieve my card should the machine swallow it, and try again. This is most inconvenient. I don't want a new number. I want to remember the old one. See? I am all sweetness and light.

And the house is full of wedding things. Did I tell you that a lady from our church is getting married next weekend? Well, the church is doing her wedding for her, and I am making the table decorations. Centrepieces. I have things from Andrew's wedding, and I have used them for other events, including weddings, and with some additions to take care of colour choices, they are filling the house. I found some broken small branches and painted them white, and then wired pink beads to them, and then there are all the wired ribbon loops, and more wired beads, which will be wound through the flowers. So we are in wedding mode. Thankfully, it is stuff I can do while flopping on the couch, or chatting to friends. Actually, anyone crossing the threshold gets to wire beads too. A community effort. The painting doesn't get done while flopping of course, but that was done over a couple of days. I must take some photos.

So that was the week that was. I need some coffee. I will be back. Have a great weekend!


Needled Mom said...

What a week it was for you!!! I hope the joy of spending time with Missy helped offset the torture of the cancelled appointment. Unbelievable!!! Yes, they obviously knew for some time. Grrr. I hope the next one will provide some answers for you.

I have drawn complete blanks when it comes to remembering pin numbers too, Isn't it frustrating?

Vee said...

Oh I hate to read that they haven't even the courtesy to let you know that your appointment was postponed/cancelled/ Frustrating to the nth degree. And I'm sure that such things don't help with the leg pain and toe curling. Oh I can see how that could happen so easily. I find it happening in my own body. One thing does lead to another or the thigh bone is connected to the hip bone or something. Hope that the days fly by until you get to the next appointment, which I would verify before leaving the house with gas prices so high. Sounds as if time will fly with all that you have on your docket. Thinking about Missy's fingerprints on your camera makes me smile. You are a good grandmother to allow your darling the use of your camera. My darlings are not allowed near mine. Just for today, I do not believe in paragraphs. ☺

Crystal said...

You have definitely been busy this week! I love when children want to take pictures - their perspective is wonderful. And how annoying about the foot clinic - I would have been quite wild too!! Good luck with the next one - I hope they can help. And planting things outside - sigh! There are still tiny bits of snowbanks lingering around here. I'm going to start my vine seeds indoors next week. Take care! Heather and I are off to scrapbook together today in honour of National Scrapbook Day.