Friday, May 27, 2011

A little older......

Just a note to make here for some of my blogging friends - I am having a problem commenting. Blogger says I am not signed in and then I have to choose a profile and it is driving me crackers. So please know, Anne, Crystal and others, that I am here and reading! Some days comments work. Some days they don't. Sigh.

And today is my birthday. I have a great card from a friend which says "We are not old - we are retro". Perfect. I will be retro. It sounds rather quirky and fun, and not grey and crone-like, and that suits me just fine. Retro also implies plenty of memories and oh yes, there are decades of those too.

I have to admit, that for the first time EVER, I didn't realise my birthday was this week. I must be older than I thought! I knew it was at the end of May, of course, but that seemed a while off, until Glynis asked what I was doing for it. Hmmm. So I decided that, if the weather behaved, I wanted to just potter about in the garden here at home. I love, love, love being out there. However, the weather is a little iffy and one minute it is freezing and the next tropical, so maybe I will save the garden pottering for the rest of the weekend instead. (I use the word tropical loosely, believe me - just in comparison to the freezing bit.)

So I am pottering about inside instead. And between skyping with assorted family members, answering the phone and having coffee here with Glynis, it has turned out to be a lovely day.

Well, it is now night time, and I have been out to dinner with friends - a lovely end to a lovely gentle day. Thank you so much for all your wonderful messages, people - this growing older lark has some decidedly good parts to it too!


Jane said...

Happy Birthday. Blogger seems to be driving lots of us round the bend at
present. I think all those bank holidays at the beginning of the month have somehow interfered with May - I'd completely lost a week and can't believe next week is June. Glad you had a really nice day.

Vee said...

A happy birthday to you, dear friend. I'm glad that you had such a fine day doing what you enjoy and being with friends.

This latest blogger problem is a pain in the keister. They solve one problem and another pops up.

Jean @ Sweet Nothings just sent me the picture of a sign she has hanging in her home. It says, "I smile because I have no idea what's going on." I'm telling you about it since you forgot it was your birthday week.

Needled Mom said...

Happy birthday to you. May your upcoming year be filled with exciting adventures and happiness.

Blogger is giving me the same grief. It doesn't happen on all of them, but it is driving me crazy.

Crystal said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Sweet LInds! Just being and enjoying and living in the moment is a perfect way to spend a birthday :) I hope you have hung the banners, the flowers are already in their vases I know and when friends come around, it's really another reason to party - no matter what the calendar says! May all that is beautiful and good fill your heart in the days ahead! The One who created you and loves you will give joy and grace always!

The Bookworm said...

Have a very happy birthday weekend! I'm afraid the weather forecast looks rather bleak, though.

Becky said...

I really like your idea of being retro. I think I'll use it, too. Happy, happy birthday!!!

I love it that I can actually see you in my mind as you potter about your garden and house.

Anonymous said...

A very Happy Birthday to you!

My birthday was in February and I got my present last year... a ticket to see Take That and Pet Shop Boys on Tuesday, can't wait!!

Barbara said...

Happy Birthday Linds.
Have lost my followers and profile but can still comment!!