Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sunny Sunday.....

We are in the middle of our extended holiday weekend - tomorrow is May Day, so it is another holiday, and the sun continues to shine, and the garden beckons. The Royal couple have flown away for the weekend, and I have the newspapers and magazine full of photos for Mum to keep.

Yesterday was a quiet day round here - I was out in the garden early and pottering about. The greenhouse is full of seedlings, and some are getting rather large now, and I keep wanting to plant more things. I have no more space.Believe me, I use every inch here. I was sitting out there this morning thinking about how I have come to love growing things, and really, it is something which I can do and which brings great joy right now. So many things I can't do. But this I can. But I have spoken of this before.

Some things are taken away, but then, something else always comes in their place. For me, it is my garden. I can be out there, taking my time, and I never stop finding something to be thankful for , something to make me smile. And what is more, because I grow way to many things, it is a way I can give to my friends too. They get plants. Many plants.

My friends told me this daisy was a weed. I disagreed. It did look a little weed-like at first, but I noticed that there were 5 pots with the same "weed" in, all with a little stick saying "margherita" so I watered them, and refrained from yanking them out. Now I have 5 daisy plants, all about 4 ft tall. I planted the seeds last year. That is no weed. Hah!

David goes back to uni this coming week for his final exams. It seems only yesterday that he left school and set off to Canterbury, you know, and now we are coming up to graduation time. In July. And now he has to make some decisions about what he wants to do next, and where. Studying for a further degree, either a Masters or a PhD or any post grad qualification seems to be the sensible thing to do, given that the economy is not bouncing along in a healthy manner. If he does that, hopefully by the time he finishes, there will be more opportunities available. The scientific world does not have many openings right now. Not here. There are opportunities in foreign countries, though, so we shall see.

And me...... well, I think I need a change of scenery for a while. I am weary, you know. Actually, I would love an adventure or 2. Something new. Different. A magic wand would also be good. But maybe I just need a nap instead. That I can arrange. Let's stick to what can be done for today. And I did say the sun was shining, didn't I.......


Midlife Mom said...

That flower is gorgeous, I love the shade of pink, just soooooo pretty! I can't wait to get out in my garden too. Worries and stress seem to go somewhere else when I am working out there. Not time yet to do any planting but I have started some seedlings that seem to be coming along fine, some Cosmos.

The wedding was lovely, like you said no one does pageantry like the British. I too was holding my breath afraid some loony would try to do something horrible. So glad the day went off without a hitch!! Oh I did see one horse doing some bucking but he was soon brought back in line! lol! Kate looked gorgeous and also her sister.

Needled Mom said...

A weed? Oh no. I'm glad that you did not think it was. The color is wonderful!

Perhaps the royal couple will take you alone to cook for them on their honeymoon. That would be a nice getaway.

Dawn said...

I remember so well the day you packed David up for his freshman year - how can it be 4 years already???

I think you need a trip to Colorado!