Friday, May 13, 2011

A slight hiccup or two......

Wordpress is beginning to look good. Blogger down for 24 hours is not good. I am unimpressed.

And to crown my day, which has been spent at the hall sorting tables, flowers etc etc etc, that orange blossom is looking as if it will be dead by dawn. I foresee redoing all 10 arrangements in my future. Screech. I have done everything the florist told me to do and yet.......

 It all looked stunning here at home. But after 5 hours at the hall....hmmmm. I am not happy.
So this was the at home view.

And in addition, the tables had not all arrived, and neither had all the cloths, so in half an hour, Jean, Julia and I are heading back to sort the last tables, and cast a baleful eye over the flowers. I won't be doing anything about them until tomorrow morning, though. And then it will all be working at the speed of light.

I can do without this, let me tell you.

And since when does blogger decide my words must be centred when I keep photos in the centre? And while we are on the blogger subject, is anyone else finding that they have to sign in every time you move away from the dashboard? This makes commenting a nightmare on other blogs, and is driving me crackers. Before, as in until a few weeks ago, as long as you signed in, and did not close IE, you stayed signed in. Now? Hah. It is unbelievably annoying.

As I said, Wordpress is starting to look very attractive indeed........

PS........... the last post was written yesterday. It has been waiting, and waiting, and waiting


Linda said...

Oh - I hope the flowers will somehow revive Linds. They look so beautiful.

Yes - blogger has been a bit of a pest lately. But wordpress...isn't that hard? (said the totally incompetent computer person)

Anne said...

Your arrangements do look beautiful and I'm sure will still be tomorrow.

I'm sure the day will go really well, try not to work too hard.

Linda said...

Me again Linds. Have you noticed that blogger has somehow deleted the posts we wrote and published yesterday? I wonder what that is all about? Mine, and several others I've tried to read, has totally vanished.

Vee said...

It is always something. I am frustrated for you with regard to the orange blossoms. I hope that you will find that they'll be easy to replace or not need to be replaced as the case may be.

Yes, I have noticed that I must always sign in. Further, I've noticed that I have often become someone else in that process. All a little frustrating. My own domain is looking very good at this point if I win the lottery that is.

All the best. You know that everything is going to turn out well. The bride will be beautiful, the groom handsome, the guests happy.

May many helpers arise!

Crystal said...

The arrangements look beautiful! I hope they will last for you. And I look forward to seeing pictures of the whole event :)

I was most annoyed with Blogger last night too. It asks me to sign in but I find if I just go back to the blog and try again, I'm logged on like before. Last night when it was shut down, I was starting to worry about losing the whole blog! I need to do something about that tout suite! What have you done in that regard?

Needled Mom said...

Your arrangements are stunning, Linds. I am sure that no one even noticed that some were not perfect.

We were away, but it sounds like everyone has problems with Blogger. Hmm. Maybe it is just trying to test us.

Olson Family said...

The table floral arrangements look beautiful and I'm sure were so enjoyed.

I've not had any trouble w/ Blogger lately - although I haven't been on much lately! - and just notice that it asked me to sign in more frequently but not every time.