Monday, May 09, 2011


Along with some other blogging stalwarts, I also sort of hit a wall this past week/end, and life sort of ground to a halt while I contemplated the fact that Nothing In Life Actually Works Out The Way I Want It To, and a few other assorted sundry thoughts of the deeper variety.

It was inconvenient.

However, with Monday here, and the fact that there is much rejoicing in the Casa de la Rocking Chair because Hallelujah!!! I remembered the pin number!!!!! can return to normal. I think. Sort of.

Then I discovered that, in this computer age of instant everything, my bank has decided that it will take SIX DAYS to clear a cheque, which did not thrill me. I think they need it to circumnavigate the globe a few times before they accept it.

One step forward, then one back. But I was still in a happy bubble after my fingers remembered the code (not the brain) so I ignored that, and bought some snail and slug dispatcher stuff and came home to contemplate my garden instead. You have no idea how I obsessed about the inability to remember that number all weekend. Focus and concentration out of the window, and we all know that focus and concentration are not my strong points at the best of times.

Isn't this shadow of Missy just the cutest thing? Just look at those pigtails! She does love pushing her little dolly's pushchair round the garden. I skyped with her this lunch time, and she runs about bringing me all her toys to see. So sweet.

And right now, I have a friend painting the woodwork in the newly painted soon-to-be-my-study, and the wedding stuff is piling up. Just the assembling to do now, but that has to wait till Friday. The sun is shining, and a friend popped in earlier for tea and a natter in the garden, which is looking lovely, I have to say. So a complete contrast to the grey world I was inhabiting yesterday.

My garden makes me smile. Time to go and water, I think............


Vee said...

Oh it's terribly disconcerting to forget something and as important as a pin number. I recently found the numbers to a safe neatly written down and hidden in the depths of a photo album with this cryptic message: "You know what these numbers are for." Okay! It's been going on a long time and it's all perfectly normal. NORMAL I tell you.

Yes, your grandgirlie's shadow is sweet...the ponytails have the appropriate bounce. I'm sure that it is wonderful fun to watch her bounce off to fetch you toys to see. She's sharing all she has with you.

Wish I could stop by and visit in your garden. I want to know how you're planning to dispatch the snails and slugs. I'm all done with death juice.

Needled Mom said...

It sounds like this week is definitely going to be an improvement!! Yeah!

I love the shadow with the pigtails. Don't you wish we could still wear pigtails and look so cute?

Dawn said...

I have way too many PINs and passwords in my head - disconcerting for sure. Sometimes I stand there and try to remember - I couldn't even think of my social security number yesterday! I have to go back and see what you forgot -

Last week I was sick all week, so my brain hasn't been processing anything good to write about - thus the Wordless Wednesday which I posted tonight (Tuesday).

Love love love the shadow of Missy and the pigtails - so cute.