Monday, May 16, 2011


I talk more frequently, as the years whizz by, of the fact that the years are whizzing by. (I know what I mean...) So for a little light entertainment, I looked through the archives here for this day over the past 5+ years. Why? Because my firstborn is celebrating his birthday today. It is actually quite hilarious - in most of the posts the words "how can it be possible that I am the mother of a 29, 30, 31 etc etc year old" appear. So here I am to say "HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE THAT MY SON IS 34?" Especially when the clearest memories of my entire life are from my 30's?? And HE is in his mid 30s now?? My BABY is in his mid 30s???

I need a glass of something.

A large glass.

Nothing demonstrates the speed of passing years more vividly than the age of one's kids. Believe me, you younger ones out there. Watching Missy help blow out his candles on Skype a little while ago was another reminder. When I was 34, I had a son of 12 and a daughter of 8, and little did I know, but I was about to get used to the fact that our family was going to expand. I was young. Invincible. (Insert smiley face.) And it seems as if it was just yesterday.

Missy helped her Mummy make chocolate muffins for her Daddy this morning. She even iced them and sprinkled fancy bits on top AND then she went and washed up in the garden. She is growing up. She is also old enough to know that she prefers the icing and sprinkles to the actual cake. Of course she does.


Andrew is 34.

I remember gazing at him the day he was born, and wondering what kind of man he would grow up to be. All I can say is that he is more than my wildest dreams for him could have foreseen. Unique. Special. My son. The wheel keeps turning, doesn't it - he in turn is a father and he too loves his daughter to bits. And I am quite sure that before he knows it, he will be having similar thought re the passing years too.

I love all my children. They are all so different, and yet all mine. And it is the differences which fascinate me, as their Mum. Being their Mum is probably my greatest accomplishment. And that is fine. More than fine.

Happy Birthday, Andrew!


Vee said...

Shhhh, tell no one this, but my daughter is a year older than your Andrew and I, too, have been saying how is this possible through the years. The good thing is that she keeps looking so beautiful that I can pretend that she is not growing older. You can do the same with your beautiful daughter. I presume the sons are holding up well, too. LOL!

Had my follow-up with the doc today. Delighted she was with me. It's always good to make the doctor smile.

Needled Mom said...

Motherhood really is our greatest achievement. Happy birthday to him and happy BIRTHday to you as well, Mom.

Donnetta said...

What a fantastic post! Something about it swelled my own mommy heart with the reminded awareness that I am a mommy and the gift of that! :-)

The years do go by so very, very fast...

Happy Birthday to your son!

Stripeyspots said...

I love the way you love your children Lindsey. Even when David was a newborn, I remember being entranced by how happy you were with him. A special mother.

The Bookworm said...

An elderly relative of my husband's told me that what got to her was not being a great-grandmother, so much as realising that her daughter was a grandmother. 34! When I was 34 I had my first, very brand new baby. Though I have to say my issue with the age of my children is the opposite one, having started relatively late and then had a mid-life bonus baby. What runs through my head is more along the lines of "Four? How can I be in my fifties with a FOUR year old?".

Dawn said...

Kevin is 34 and Kristen is 36. Both have taken such detours that they are just now beginning to do the things they need to do! But I am thankful for that.