Monday, May 02, 2011


One of the most profound things I have heard today : "This is a time for reflection, not celebration."

Lighting candles instead of waving flags and cheering.


There are always consequences, and the hornet's nest may well have been kicked. God alone knows what lies ahead.

Sobering times.

And here are more wise words: "The reaction to the death of someone made in God's image, however corrupted by evil they were, should, I think, be one of humility and grace."  (Rich Johnson, Vicar)

I cannot rejoice. Or celebrate. Remember Saul? He was the biblical equivalent ot a terrorist, until he stumbled on the road to Damascus. He encountered God, and ended up writing half my Bible. Of course I feel a certain amount of relief - don't we all - that Osama Bin Laden is not around any more.

But then there this: "Remember, friends, that even God does not take pleasure in the death of the wicked." Ezekiel 18:23. Even God.

Are we safer today? Of course not. Maybe less safe than yesterday. And where he came from, many more are waiting. We live in a fallen world, don't we?

I am just a little very uncomfortable with all the jubilation. Twitter and Facebook exploded at 4am our time. I was awake, so I got to see it all. I just don't understand it.

Time for reflection, and many, many prayers.


Linda B said...

We are much alike in our thinking, Linds.

Vee said...

I am not rejoicing; however, I am glad. It's been a long time coming. You are so right. The hornet's nest may well have been kicked. Nevertheless, the hornets are ever ready and eager to sting either way.

Needled Mom said...

I, too, am feeling many of the same feelings. I wish that I felt that we were now safer, but sadly I do not.

Olson Family said...

Thank you for this post Linds. I can't find words sometimes but knew you would have them and I purposely read today for your wisdom. My girls and I had a talk about these events this evening. I don't understand the celebration although I believe in Justice. But only God's justice is perfect so in the end I feel a profound sadness. There is evil in the world - seen and unseen - that cannot be defeated except by the power of God. Hoping my little generation can absorb that - they understood the inappropriateness(in my mind) of some of what is seen and heard right now. Thankful I'm still in my "Swiss bubble" and have some control over the media outlet in our house. Thank you for your reflection.

Debbie said...

I couldn't agree more, Linds. While I'm glad that he will no longer be plotting death and destruction, he was loved by God (as hard as that is for us to grasp) and it must grieve His heart. I have to say that I was surprised by the crowds cheering in the streets! It would never have occurred to me to do that. As one FB friend said, it looks too much like what happens in the Muslim nations when something bad takes place here - same attitudes, just different flags.

BAK said...

I cannot add much more than what has already been posted. I, too, have the same sentiments. I was sad and ashamed at the "partying" in front of the Whitehouse in Washington, DC.

We should be on our knees humbly before the Lord in prayer.

I am afraid this will become another political exploitation. :(

Lu said...

As I watch the reaction of those in the states, thank you Linds for reminding me for the need of prayer

Edith said...

Excellent post...I also was saddened and ashamed at the rejoicing. I understand the relief we feel that he is no longer a threat. However he is still a lost soul and that is sad.

Chris said...

All I could do was cry when I found out, and that surprised me. I felt so sad that another life had to be taken in what was such a stupid, senseless show of supposed power to begin with. What did anyone gain from all of it? Heartache and ruin, with only more to come if we believe his followers.

I feel only sadness and shame at the reaction of the American people.

Donnetta said...

My son and I were discussing this very thing yesterday before he left for school.

Interestingly enough they debated thoughts along the same line at school.(He attends a private school so they were able to bring God into it).

Yes, evil must be addressed, but it seems even in that there are appropriate responses.

Thank you Linds for these words.

Dawn said...

I somehow didn't see this celebration aspect - but it is not right. Relief feels good for the moment, but it probably is ill placed.

Helen in Switzerland said...

The more news keeps coming out, the more I worry about the whole thing and the repercussions that it will bring. I'm glad OBL is no more, but I wish it could have been done legally and that he could have faced trial - an execution squad on foreign soil is just the wrong side of legal for me and I think the world may have become a lot less safe all of a sudden. Strange times indeed Linds.

Mary said...

The wole thing about the world getting revenge - was disturbing.

I guess his crimes against humanity would have gotten him the death penalty in some states / countries. And that is the thought that went through my mind as we saw images of The President of USA laying witness (via a camera) to the xecution of - what are they caling hiim? a Monster!
Who is playing God here?
As for the rejoicing - disappointing behaviour - to say the least.