Monday, May 23, 2011

It rained!!!

It rained here this afternoon. For all of 10 minutes. That was great, except that I finished watering the garden 5 minutes before the rain came. I think my plants are suffering from water excesses. But, oh, the wind today has been horrendous. I know we don't have things like the tornado which destroyed parts of Joplin to contend with, and I am deeply thankful for that, but it is hard to watch the garden being torn to shreds. Roses disintegrating.

But then, lives are what are important, not plants. And my heart aches for everyone who is suffering from nature's extremities - for those who have survived earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, tornadoes, hurricanes.... And for those who have lost friends and family. Plants pale into insignificance in the face of Nature's fury.

Skyping with my daughter this morning was a delight - to see her and catch up on all her doings, and see her work - just lovely. I miss her. But there is skype, at least. So, while waiting for her to come on line, the morning was largely occupied with tying down more plants in the garden. Cutting roses before they disappeared. The plus side of that is that I have 2 lovely bowls of roses in the house. Beautiful. And their scent is glorious.

Then I went to help Jean chose a dishwasher, which was great fun. I played with an iPad, and we checked out everything, and then went to see about joining the gym. Over 55 rates. Hmmm. But much cheaper than we thought. However, I will need a letter from the doctor, which, I was told, may take 28 days. Oh well. They have aquarobics and pilates classes which will be good, and a whole host of other ones too, like Zumba, which I will be giving a miss, although my heart would love to do them, of course. And the hydro pool, relaxation centre...... oh I will be in there, believe me.

When the doctor signs the form, of course.

And so the day whizzed by.


Crystal said...

It's raining steadily here today and we needed it. This is the first spring rain we've had. Bob finished seeding on Saturday so the timing for this is perfect. I'm moving the peppers and tomatoes back into the greenhouse as it's only +6 at 3 p.m.. I think frost might still happen around these parts - grrrr! And Skype is just the best thing for staying in touch!

Dawn said...

The destruction in Joplin is unbelievable. Horrendous.

So glad you got to Skype with Diana - we are set up, but so far haven't connected with anyone. We will definitely be trying it out when Kev and Angie get to Maine.

We finally had some lovely sunshine this morning, but it clouded up in the afternoon, again.

Needled Mom said...

Isn't Skype amazing? It is so great to keep up on what is going on with the kids at a distance.

I have heard that Zumba is really great.