Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The foot man.....

This morning, I went to my podiatry appointment. At long last. After months and months of waiting, and many episodes of soaring blood pressure along the way. Such a nice man. He really does exist. And he apologised profusely for the chaos in his department. I was magnanimous once I made sure he was actually alive and I was sitting on his fancy chair thingy.

We discussed the state of the NHS, waiting lists, his department, and the nation. Among other things. Oh yes, and my foot. Leg. And thank the Good Lord, he knew about CRPS and the associated problems. You would have shrieked with laughter, people - he opened the door, and told me to walk across his crowded waiting room and turn round and come back. Twice. So I announced to the waiting room at large, full of elderly patients not exactly grinning, that they were now witnessing a model sauntering down the catwalk dressed in something slinky. It was hilarious. The comments. Me, with jeans rolled up round my legs, barefoot. Looking absolutely stunning. And he crouched there and watched the legs and feet, and then made some inserts for my shoes which make me walk like Popeye - bandy - to get the muscles and ligaments in my feet working properly. One hour today, 2 tomorrow, 3 the next day etc etc. And then I had to repeat my catwalk experience for an even fuller room.

I live to provide amusement for the general populace.

He could also tell from my feet that I spent most of my childhood barefoot. I still do actually, and told him so. This is an advantage now. The muscles and ligaments are much more flexible than British feet. I told him my husband used to say I had prehensile feet because I could pick things up with my toes. And also, strangely enough, crouching down on my haunches a lot as a child is excellent news. British children don't do that much, I gather. But it strengthens some ligaments while stretching them. Fascinating stuff. He has a Plan B and a Plan C apparently, for my toes. And I see him again in 5 weeks.

I have also got new exercises which have nothing to do with my knee. In fact, I will ease off on those for now and do the balancing ones he wants me to do to strengthen the feet. Anything to avoid my toes curling into claws. Sigh. What next, I wonder. The hour is over now, and I can't tell you how achy I am from having to use muscles differently. Just one hour. Hmmm. The next few weeks may prove to be a little challenging.

It is grey and windy but warm today. Still no real rain round these parts. But the garden can wait. I have more things to pot on but the couch calls so tomorrow will be soon enough. Have a good day, wherever you may be!


Needled Mom said...

I wish I had been in the waiting room to witness the event. Welcome to the wonderful world of "ugly" shoe wearing. Thank goodness for classy looking walkers.

Helen in Switzerland said...

I have a vision of you in all your glory in the waiting room! You do realize that you were probably the bright spot in the day of all those waiting. A little humour really does help sometimes, doesn't it!
I'm so glad you finally got to see the foot man - and that he seems competent. Now you just have to behave yourself and do your exercises!!!

Vee said...

Interesting things you learned at the doctor's office. Thank you for sharing the bit about the saunter through the waiting room. I'm sure that everyone found it a fun way to break up the time.

May this new therapy be just the thing you need. Achy isn't fun, though I will pray that everything cooperates for you soon and all at once. I'm sure you'd like lots of good days in a row.

(I, too, go mostly barefoot in the house and can't see the point of bending when I can easily lift things from the floor with my toes much to John's amusement.)

Gillie said...

So glad you got an appointment finally - did you have to yell and scream a lot to get it? Wish i'd been there too! Lovely wedding!

The Bookworm said...

I'm so glad the podiatrist was both real and human, and knowledgeable too. Plans A, B and C - very impressive!

Dawn said...

I am envisioning the catwalk and chuckling. Glad you have such a good sense of humor. I really hope this helps. I know it'll be difficult for awhile.

I posted today, finally, about my dear Grandma Swanson.