Friday, May 13, 2011

Shooting stars and orange blossom......

A few nights ago, I went out into the garden late to close the greenhouse and I happened to look up at the skies, and for the first time ever, I saw a shooting star. It was beautiful - travelling at immense speed, and it shot across the heavens and disappeared. (I have watched space stations and sputnik type things before. Asteroids. This was not one of them.)

Well, it could have been an alien spacecraft of course. You never know. But I am pretty sure it was a shooting star, and I laughed out loud with joy. If it was an alien spacecraft, I am happy to report that it showed no signs of stopping. I am sure you are all very relieved to hear this.

There is something magical about strange events in the skies. It reminds me how small I am, and how insignificant. My analytical brain started wondering how far away it was, how big and when it would explode, but my romantic soul reigned supreme and just enjoyed seeing it.

Do you wish upon a star? Does anyone? I decided that I would make a wish. It was that sort of event. One which reminded me of the unexpected beauty which surprises us now and then. Such a small event in the cosmos, but such a big thing for me in that moment.

Wishes, dreams........ they are part of the fabric of our lives. The prosaic and mundane tend to dominate my days, and at times I forget the dreams. It is nice to be reminded now and then.

My kitchen is now full of orange blossom, and the whole house smells wonderful. I have buckets of it all over the place, The florist in the village told me that any greenery I pick must be soaked in water for at least 24 hours before I use it in arrangements. I didn't know that. So we are well into the 24 hours of soaking right now. I just hope it doesn't expire on Saturday morning. The oasis is soaking too, so it should all be ready for the assembly line in the morning. Everything is sorted into areas, so I just have to grab what I need and walk round the table doing the 10 arrangements. The tall vases will be done at the hall.

Last night I made 47 bows. I have no idea why 47, except that I decided to stop at 11.30pm, and that was the total. There is not going to be any shortage of bows, that is for sure!And I am babbling here, so it is time to retire to the couch and snooze again. This growing older lark is not for the faint-hearted......


Vee said...

You carry on very nicely without a hitch... Did Blogger eat any of your posts? It's so hard to remember.

Linda said...

I was a little girl filled with dreams and wishing on stars and fairy tales. Every now and then I indulge that little girl - she is still very much alive and well inside this aging body. I think the Father delights in our wishes and dreams. He has perfect ones for us.
I thought about the Mitford books as I read about your orange blossoms. Was it Hessie Mayhew who did all those amazing floral arrangements for every special occasion? Such fun. I know it will all be beautiful Linds. Bows and flowers!!!