Wednesday, August 09, 2006


  1. The young Mr and Mrs Langdon
  2. Comfortable couches
  3. Letters completed
  4. Messages from friends
  5. Memories

It is 3 years today since Andrew and Ann got married here, on a blazingly hot day. Today I woke in a cloud. As in a real cloud. Then it rained. But it is still great to be here, and the mountains are as beautiful as ever, and so what if it feels like autumn.

Yesterday we went to Emmen shopping, and then Marge and I did her lawn. Well, she mowed 90 percent, and I did 10. I sort of gave up when my cream sandals went a queasy shade of green. So did my feet. I held the bags open for the cuttings in a helpful fashion, and picked a few deadheads off the petunias, while she whizzed about doing everything else. She never stops for a second. It is quite exhausting sitting watching her. Mum unpacked the boxes I brought her, and we also had coffee with Anita at the hotel. And I have spent a lot of time sprawled on the couch doing very little. It is good. It is all so familiar and it is such a stunning place to be. I am so lucky to have a sister who lives here.

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