Wednesday, August 02, 2006


  1. 1. Rainy days
  2. 2. Friends who check up on me
  3. 3. Post that arrives on time
  4. 4. Raspberry cheesecake
  5. 5. Internet booking

Ok then, I have bought and distributed the mouse exterminating stuff. It could be working as I speak. It better be working as I speak. It will soon be an ex mouse. This is, you understand, the highlight of the day. Life gets extremely exciting in the wilds of middle England. Who needs safaris. Did I ever mention the SNAKE I once saw slithering over the neighbour's lawn from my landing window, heading for my garden????? I looked like the road runner at the top of the stairs as I yelled "Snake" and whizzed down the stairs and out the door to tell them. I don't like snakes. Fortunately it was winter and it moved slowly. As it was coral, it clearly was not a native Brit. How was I supposed to know it was a corn snake? And there was clearly no corn in the neighbour's garden. And as far as I am concerned, a snake is a snake, and should be gone. Geoff was the hero of the day and caught it and put it in a bin till the RSPCA people came to get it. This was a while ago you understand, but I was traumatised.

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