Monday, August 07, 2006

We are here.....

This was the sun rising over the Channel.
We had agreat BBQ with Andrew and Ann, and then got up at 2.30 to get to Dover for the ferry. Nearly 9 hours drive later, we arrived in the rain, and unloaded the car. I still cannot believe how much I managed to cram into it. I cannot find the exclamation mark key on the keyboard. I need my glasses but they are in the lounge and I cant be bothered. Sigh. We are here. That is all that matters.

  1. SeaFrance
  2. Safe journeys
  3. Superb navigational skills of son. He did not get us lost in Strasbourg, Kelly. 2 exclamation marks.
  4. Welcome from family
  5. Mountains (even hidden by clouds)

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