Saturday, August 26, 2006

Brunni walk

Today David and I took Mum up Brunni in the cable car, and had coffee with her on the terrace, and watched the roedelbahning for a while in the sun. And the cows dancing (yes they were dancing, galloping, head-butting each other too, bells clanging. I wonder if they get headaches from the noise......) And the llamas. There are llamas on Brunni. Do not ask. Clearly very Swiss llamas. Then we waved her off on the cable car down, and we walked down through the forest. Another forest. This is the first one I ever walked through here, or climbed, and I absolutely love it. You know when you are in a place that you feel you are meant to be? That is how I feel in this forest.

The view from the terrace.

On the path to Flüemat

David heading down to the forest

The valley

In the forest. Just the best place.

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