Saturday, August 19, 2006

Women work too

Well, women have been working here too. Marge suggested Mum dig out the grass from around the stones next to the house walls. (Swiss drainage idea) and so she got out this morning and dug 90% out. She looks like a crone now. And it is seriously hard work. I tidied the house, did the edges of the lawn, and then tried to get the lawnmower out, but the trike was in the way. So I tidied the paving, and then waited for Peter to come and move it. Then I mowed the lawns. Lawns. And the wretched thing seems to be the size of Wembley. If I ever win the lotto, I will buy a ride on thingy for my sister, who generally does it all. No-one took a photo of me zooming about the lawn. Sigh. Next time. And there will be a next time. It grows overnight.

It is a glorious day again today, and I will go for a walk in a sec. Then go and see if Marge needs any help at Linie 8. And go and get some food for the weekend. Then sink into a stupour in the sun. I will be back.

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David Langdon said...

Oi. I did some of the mowing aswell. Plus all the manual labour of carrying the grass-laden bags to the car and loading it up ^^