Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Today we went down the mountain to Luzern. The weather has been and sunny, and I thought you would like to see this boulder. It fell down the mountain in the floods last year, and is massive, and is held in its place by the puniest of trees. The road snakes around in an S bend and I think if it rolled on, it could take out the middle and bottom of the S. But that tree is very small. Quite bizarre. Maybe they could cement it in place. I am assuming that it has been looked at by engineers, but I tend to speed up round the bend....just in case!

David and I went to the Lion, and to the Glacier Park in Luzern. The Park was absolutely fascinating, and the retreat of the glaciers in Europe is a major problem at the moment. Luzern was once a glacier, and I do know the one on Titlis is melting faster than ever. We climbed up to the top of a wooden tower to see the view over the city too. Just great.

The old bridge in Luzern was burnt down a few years ago, but you cannot tell that it has been rebuilt. The flowers this year are lovely.

And the old painted buildings in the city are amazing. We sat and had coffee and talked about how, with Switzerland neutral, the country has never known the devastation of bombs and the destructionthat war brings. So we are lucky enough to be able to walk through an untouched city, with little lanes going off at odd angles. The centre is pedestrianised, and so there is no roar of traffic, and the cobbled streets are full of history. I have not walked the walls of the old town yet, and I must do that sometime.

You can see what a lovely place it is. I have lots more photos, but that would be boring!

On the way back, we stopped at Länderpark to get some bits and pieces, and then came home and Marge made the curtains for the baby. I got more wood this time, and also small nails and paint. Sigh. so much to do and I have just realised that it is Sunday week that we drive back to England. The time has suddenly speeded up far too fast.

Having a brother-in-law who is a master chef is very useful. He cooked rösti and bratwurst for supper, and it was superb.

So there you have today's report. Sun, fun, coffee, shopping and education too. Maybe David should become a glaciologist. Hmmmmm......

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