Monday, August 14, 2006



David in the forest

The way we had just climbed down

On the road
Engelberg....Diana's favourite view

Today you get big photos. David and I had another alpine adventure. We took the gondola up to Gerschnialp, and walked down through the forest. Leki poles are great. I advise all walking in the forests to take them. It was absolutely quiet, except for us talking. No birds either, which was a bit of a worry as Peter has always said listen for birds on the mountain. Hmmmmm. Well, it was fine, and we inched our way down the wanderweg, and ended up at Linie 8 for lunch. And the sun came out now and then. So did the rain, but we will ignore that. SUN!! It is still up there somewhere. And I did tell you this was a beautiful place, didn't I??

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