Sunday, August 27, 2006

Under the table

Today it rained, so we didn't do much. The Amrheins came for the afternoon, and Anhina and I spent the last part of a super time under the table. Yes. Under the table. She informed me in German that I would not get under the table because I was too big. Well, of course I had to prove I could fit, (It was a matter of pride!) and so we sat there chatting amid many giggles. She is 4. She wanted to play with my hair, so I took it down, and she draped it over her head to pretend she had long hair. More shrieks of laughter. I even managed to get up again without needing a crane.

Naxos had a good day too. He ate June's lunch she was preparing for Henry. He is very partial to ham it seems. Then he tripped Mum up and only David saved her from doing a nose dive down the stairs.
So.......nothing much really!

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