Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More sawing and more walking

  1. Sleep
  2. Marge's pattern books
  3. Walks with my son
  4. Letters all posted
  5. Peter's safe return

    I am obsessive. If I start doing something, I can't stop. I have been in the garage sawing for the past few days. Marge has so many patterns and books and ideas are blooming, and as I said, I can't stop. The more I do, the quicker I get, and more adept too. Note the pile of sawdust. I have not put the photos of what I am doing on the blog, because some are for presents. You may be lucky enough to get one! But i have been having fun.

And with Peter in Austria, I have been walking the dogs. Naxos adores his Dad, so was deeply depressed when he realised he was not coming home on Sunday. Mum and I took them out yesterday, and we went to Linie 8, with Naxos dragging me sideways because he wanted to see Marge. Mum stopped there for coffee, and I ran (and I mean ran) around the lake with them, before collecting Mum on the way back. Then Nax slipped his collar so I had to catch him. And last night he ate the lasagne dish, which was cardboard, so was even more pathetic. Life is not dull around here at all.

Today David and I walked to Eienwaldli again with them, and they were fine. Except that I forgot to take their treats, so they refused to come out of the river for ages.

The weather is ok at the moment. No rain, but not much sun. You don't notice these things when you are in the garage sawing! But in Austria, it has been very wet, and Peter arrived home 2 days early this evening. The trike is very low, and passing lorries nearly drowned the poor man. He now needs a special helmet, and wet weather gear. The leather is no protection from the wet and cold. He did mention wrapping himself in cling wrap. But he says it was absolutely beautiful. We need sunny days......I refuse to consider this could be autumn yet.

So there you are, so you can stop sending messages complaining that I have not blogged since Saturday! In between there have been chats with Anita over breakfast, lolling about on the couch in the evenings, visits to the shops for food, and at last I am starting to sleep. Well, after Friday night at the hotel, when the tour group on the floor above were still playing what seemed to be football at 12.30am, and I had to go and tell the duty manager I was about to become very unreasonable, sleep is something to be thankful for!

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