Thursday, August 17, 2006

More sun and more walks

  1. Mountain walks
  2. Long chats with friends
  3. Paprika chips
  4. Afternoon naps
  5. Washing machines

Hello.......... I am back. Yesterday we went to Stans shopping with Marge, and then she and I had to go down the mountain again in the afternoon to look for stuff for the baby, so 2 trips out of the village in a day. We didn't get much else done, apart from a coffee at the Boden at lunch to swap cars. No real adventures to report.

I walked over to Linie 8 this morning and stayed to help price things as they arrived.

This is what I see from my chair in the sun on the balcony at Marge's house.
This afternoon I took the dogs for a walk in the forests on Brunni.
I keep saying how beautiful it is. And i wish you could actually stand where I stand and turn in a circle and see what I mean when I say it is 360 degree perfection. I really love it so much.

This is the End of the World. (Really.... that is what it is called.)

I don't think it gets more Swiss than this......

And David wanted a photo of this. Who would think of painting a cement mixer to look like a cow????? I think all cement mixers should take on characters at once. At least it makes you smile to look at them!

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getzapped said...

What gorgeous pictures and fun blog ; )