Sunday, August 13, 2006

Day in the kitchen

Saturday was interesting. I went to help at the Boden because the second cook's wife chose one of the busiest days of the year to have her baby. Great that the little girl arrived safe and well in the afternoon though. There was a tour party from Taiwan for lunch, then a party of up to 100 in the evening, complete with the Engelberg Music Group as well. I am an expert at operating the dishwasher. It is great and does a load in 3 minutes. I want one. We all need one. I don't know why the others we have even exist. Slitting sausages?????? I am an expert at that too. And making industrial quantities of fruit salad. I then proceeded to spill the tomato salad sauce all over my top, so spent the rest of the evening with a dish towel over the shoulder. This could clearly be a new fashion trend. Then I dropped a bowl. Oops. Patrick and Tusha were great fun to work with in the kitchen, and my Germlish gets better by the day.

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